Study: Tunnel Would Cost $1.3B More Than Signature Bridge

FDOT evaluated a proposal to put a portion of I-395 and Biscayne Boulevard underground, instead of building a Signature Bridge. The results:

  • The tunnels would cost $1.3 billion more than the Signature Bridge
  • Both Biscayne Boulevard and I-395 would have to be locked down during Hurricane events due to flooding concerns, closing vital evacuation routes
  • Metromover would need to be reconstructed, with associated cost and service disruption
  • Biscayne Boulevard and other nearby streets would need to be closed during construction
  • Pedestrian crosswalks would be eliminated in some areas near the tunnel. Nearby streets would also need to be elevated, inhibiting access
  • Likelihood of contaminated soil during excavation. Area was previously occupied by the Belcher Oil Terminal & Tank Farm
  • Construction would be delayed an extra five years for a Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement

FDOT’s Gus Pego will present the study, along with an update on the Signature Bridge, to Miami commissioners next week.