Final Vote On $5 Billion Funding For Miami International Airport Expansion Set For Next Week

Miami-Dade commissioners are set to vote next week on issuing $5 billion in bonds for renovation and expansion of Miami International Airport.

Commissioners voted unanimously earlier this month to approve the bonds, and a second and final reading is scheduled for March 17.

Around $1 billion will cover projects that are already underway, with the remaining $4 billion to cover projects between 2020 and 2036.

The Central Terminal will see the biggest changes, including demolition and rebuild of Concourses F and G. There will also be a new check in area, and even the curbside and exterior will be rebuilt.

In the North Terminal, four new widebody gates will be added by reconfiguring space. The regional gates at D60 will also be expanded and rebuilt.

The South Terminal will be expanded with several new gates and a new retail area.

The funding and plans will be structured to allow the airport to speed up or slow down the expansion based on any rise or fall in demand.

Here’s a full list of what is being funded at MIA from 2020 through 2036. The total value reaches $4,015,563,000 when including work at other county airports like Opa Locka:

  • MIA North Terminal Gate Optimization Phase l
  • MIA Concourse “D” West Expansion — D60
  • MIA North Terminal Ramp Level Restrooms
  • MIA Central Terminal Redevelopment Phase 1
  • MIA Central Terminal Redevelopment Phase 2
  • MIA New CC F Enabling Up—gauge and Down-gauge Project
  • MIA New Concourse “F”
  • MIA Concourse F New Apron Phase 1 and Phase 2
  • MIA Concourse F Demo Phase 1- Headhouse Demo and New Hardstand Area
  • MIA Concourse F Demo Phase 2 — CC_F Pier Demo and New Apron Phase 3
  • MIA Lower Concomse E FIS Renovations ~ Phase 2
  • MIA Central Terminal Upper Drive Facade and Curbside
  • MIA Concourse “G” Demolition
  • MIA Concourse “E” and “F” Taxi Lane and Apron Rehabilitation
  • MIA South Terminal Apron and Utilities Relocation Phase 1
  • MIA South Terminal Expansion East (New Gates) Phase 1
  • MIA South Terminal Apron Enabling — Demolition of Building 3050
  • MIA South Terminal Centralized Checkpoint
  • MIA Concourse “H” – Glazing, Curtain Wall Assessment and Corrective Action
  • MIA Terminal Wide Re-roofing and Lightning Systems Upgrades
  • MIA North and Central Terminal Passenger Loading Bridges Phase 2
  • MIA Tenant Relocations
  • MIA Vehicle Fueling and Car Wash Facility
  • MIA Demolition Building 3039 and Fuel
  • MIA Temporary South Terminal GSE Facility & 20th Street modification AOA
  • MIA Demolition Building 703 and 703A
  • MIA Demolition Building 703 Environmental Assessment and Remediation
  • MIA Building 5A Tenant Relocation
  • MIA Building 702 Apron & Airside Improvements
  • MIA GSE Facility for North Terminal
  • MIA Demolition Building 5A
  • MIA Building 702 Expansion
  • MIA Demolition Building 704
  • MIA Consolidated Cargo Fumigation Facility
  • MIA West Cargo Truck Parking
  • Land Acquisition
  • MIA Runway 9-27 Rehabilitation
  • MIA Perimeter Road Bridge
  • MIA NW 37th Avenue Improvements
  • MIA New Hotels
  • MIA Fuel Storage Facility Expansion (Tank No. l)
  • MIA Fuel Storage Facility Expansion (Building and Tank No.2)
  • MIA Runway Incursion Mitigation (RIM) Hot Spot 5 (Corral area)



Central terminal rebuild:


North Terminal expansion: