Finally! Miami Beach Monorail Moving Forward After Commissioners Approve

Miami-Dade commissioners voted yesterday to proceed with a plan to build a monorail from Miami Beach to Miami.

“A transit solution for the Beach Corridor has been more than three decades in the making and we are so pleased that the Commission overwhelmingly voted in favor of taking this important step,” said Christopher Hodgkins, Senior Advisor for lead Monorail investor Meridiam and CEO of the PortMiami Tunnel.

With yesterday 10-2 vote, the Miami Beach Monorail Consortium will begin planning for the project to begin construction. Commissioners will then vote on the final design and budget in 12 to 18 months.

“We look forward to working with the Miami-Dade County administration and the community over the next 12 to 18 months to lay critical planning, engineering and budgeting groundwork for the Miami Beach Monorail,” Hodgkins said. “Our goal remains to bring a sustainable and accessible monorail to serve both residents and visitors, while generating thousands of jobs for locals.”

The final cost is expected to be around $60 million paid by the county per year to the Meridiam consortium over 30 years, with Meridiam and its partners fronting an upfront cost expected to be around $770 million.

Commissioner Eileen Higgins said during the meeting yesterday that projected high ridership means that the project can likely receive federal funding, and that the state is also interested in providing funding.

Miami-Dade Transit Director Alice Bravo said the county has been approached by a group that owns land on the Miami Beach side, interested in hosting the transit hub on their property.

In Miami, a transit hub with Metromover and bus connections will be built on the Genting property, as part of a land swap with the current Omni station.

Approximately 3,000 jobs will be created during construction, the Monorail Consortium said.