First Crane Installed At Edgewater Construction Site Of 521-Foot Tower

A crane has now been installed at the Edgewater site where a 521-foot tower is under construction.

The tower is known as 2600 Biscayne and will span an entire city block.

In March, the developers obtained $181M in construction financing. Groundbreaking took place in late April.

2600 Biscayne will rise 41 stories, and include:

  • 399 luxury apartments
  • 187,000 square feet of office and retail
  • 600+ parking spaces

More than 50% of the office and retail was leased before breaking ground.

The top off height of the tower is planned at 521 feet above ground and 529 feet above sea level.

The development site is one block away from a planned Northeast Corridor rail stop.

Arquitectonica is the architect. Coastal Construction is the contractor.

Oak Row Equities is the developer.



(images: Oak Row Equities)




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12 days ago

moving fast , I love it

Realtalk Reilly
12 days ago

This is a well-done partial hiding of the parking podium by constructing living or commercial spaces around the east side of it.

As someone without the architectural training to answer this question myself, I often wonder, why can’t parking podiums be all but completely wrapped with accessible spaces? In other words, basically buried inside the building so you can hardly see them at all?

12 days ago

When cars accelerate, decelerate, corner, break, etc these 2,500 lb vehicles put forces on structures that over time will create stress.

Separating the parking structure from “living” structure isn’t as easy (or cheap) as you’d think.

Cover the Podiums
12 days ago

You need fairly large lots, but its not impossible to completely cover it. The minimum width is 120′ for the double sided garage (most economical) plus 25′ on both sides for liner units. So around 200′ wide lot. This is very common in other cities with cheaper land like Charlotte and Atlanta, but in Miami where its so expensive they don’t have the luxury or time to purchase all that required land. Other alternatives is faux windows like Coral Gables or underground parking

12 days ago

It is not impossible to drive a car from Miami to Ft. Lauderdale using only your feet.
Just because it is not impossible does not make it a good idea.

Realtalk Reilly
12 days ago

lol! Jordan, he or she explained that it can be done if you have a wide enough lot. But you seem triggered by the mere suggestion of liner units and covered podiums. What are you, a lazy junior architect who typically gets assigned the parking portion of the project? “Don’t give my bosses any ideas,” is that where you’re coming from?

12 days ago

Yet the tower is still a box, and the parking podium has an obnoxious mural on its “bald spot.”

Edgewater Cheerleader
11 days ago

This one looks great. Let’s keep developing Edgewater until it’s fully integrated and walkable like Brickell!

11 days ago

Edgewater is on fire!! Let’s go!