First Interior Pictures Of Centro, The Car-Less Condo

Centro’s first residents have gotten their keys, 31 months after the project broke ground.

The 352-unit tower was built without parking spaces. Prices are about $400 per square foot, with almost all having been presold.

Residents are being given one year of free parking across the street, and valet is being offered for $175 per month.

Groundbreaking was held in December 2013, with the foundation pour in May 2014.

The photos below were taken by Anthony Elias. He has “been harassing them for months” and was one of the first to close, although the lobby is missing some final touches.

Sieger Suarez is the architect, and Newgard the developer.



owners get a free yves behar jambox mini:


(above photos: anthony elias)

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Before the comments from brokers about how these will never work in Miami I want to put it out that this is something Miami does need.

And you can live in Miami without a car!


I like the pedestrian friendly vibe you get from the street level. Very urban feel downtown now.


Time for more of this in Miami.

Downtown and Brickell are finally becoming semi-walkable urban areas with a few forms of mass transit. When you combine this with the rise of Uber and advances in self-driving vehicles, cars (and thus parking) will be needed less and less.

Above all, we need more shared use parking like this project. Most office garages sit dead at night, while residential and retail garages are empty during the day. Allowing a residential building and an office to share a parking deck allows for the same amount of vehicles to be parked in almost half the amount of spaces that would typically be built.


This project is as ahead of its time as Miami’s mass transit system is behind.


Sweet looking building!!


wow…good job!! simple but sleek


I also like the Urban feel. More options for buyers.


Free Parking next door for a year, plus valet will help sell remaining units .

uninvasive species

If i do recall when this building was first marketed years ago they had a partnership with car2go- is free parking next door replacing that offer now that car2go has left?


All the “historic” buildings in Miami look the best IMO. It just goes to show you that Miami’s founding fathers had a better taste of architecture and these new buildings going up in the city are simply hideous and unpleasing to the eyes. Welcome to stucco city.


Why use white stucco for the exterior? How about a more modern look for building exteriors? This isn’t 1920 and stucco should be banned from modern skyscrapers/high rises. It only belongs on warehouses and homes in Doral and Kendall.


In this Uber times …. , I think that yes ….will work for sure ! Beautiful project….


“Residents are being given one year of free parking across the street, and valet is being offered for $175 per month.”

In other words: Centro does in fact have parking. Just like any of the several other similar (if less attractive) buildings built downtown without garages. I applaud the “I don’t need no car” marketing but yeah, everyone here will be able to have as many cars as they want.


Downtown Clearwater is Still the best English speaking City with High couture …


Ummm… what?


Another solid looking building tainted by the eyesore white stucco finish on the exterior.


I like the pool area, seems likes a more upscale version of the Loft 1 and 2, but no parking makes no sense to me.


The building has parking available across the street, it’s just offered as a service for an additional cost instead of an amenity which comes with the building.