First Look At 30-Story Modera Biscayne Bay Planned For Edgewater’s Unity Property (Updated)

Developer Mill Creek Residential is moving forward with plans to developer a 30-story tower in Edgewater called Modera Biscayne Bay, replacing the Unity On The Bay church.

On August 27, the developer signed a deal to bring utilities to the property.

According to the agreement, the new project will include:

  • 296 apartments
  • 11,000 square feet of retail

A 24,113-square foot House of Worship previously connected to the utilities system will be demolished, the agreement states. A 100-year old mansion is included in the demolition figures.

According to engineer Bliss & Nyitray, an amenity deck and a pool deck will be located atop the 28th floor. The building will be framed with 8” post-tensioned slab and concrete shear walls around the stairs and elevators. The owner wishes to make the columns long but as thin as possible to better fit within walls, the engineer wrote.

An eight-story parking garage is also planned.

Total gross area is approximately 650,000 SF.

Corwil is the architect.


Update: Newer renderings have been added.




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Hideous. Keep the mansion.

And yes I know bc of economics that’ll never happen nor would I be in favor of forcing the developer to do so but it still sucks for the area. Hideous generic square replacing a historic beauty. Oh well.


Meh. Basic AF.




Average looking tower, nothing special.


Didn’t know they were trying to win design awards with this building.


Oh boy, shouldn’t have mentioned the eight story parking garage… okay, cue the Waaaaahhhhh!!!!!…..


Good looking building and I like the 11,000 SQFT of retail.. good for the area.


HPB really should get on the ball and try and save the mansion, instead of forced to approve sign changes for Elvis Cruz’s “MiMo” District and every Coconut Grove tree branch and a crappy 1960s house. The prewar stuff is the most important, architecturally and historically, especially this house.

A. Nonymous

Curious what’s planned for the ground level grey rectangle in the renderings where the church stands now.
Is landscaping too much to hope for?


20-30% percent of Lot must be landscaping per building code.

A. Nonymous



Is it being 3D printed?


Say something about a useless mansion that even the previous owner don’t want to live in anymore and watch how all these emotional crybabies whine in unison.


Nothing historical about the “mansion”. Just a generic house on the lot.


One of Edgewater’s last beauties is a “generic house.” What does it make all the generic box towers?

Thom WC

If you have something to say, say it with your name attached. Not so brave as anonymous.