First Nonstop Passenger Flight From Asia Will Arrive At MIA Tomorrow From Taiwan

Later tonight, a China Airlines Boeing B777-300ER carrying Tawian President Tsai Ing-wen will take off from Taipei and fly nonstop to Miami International Airport.

The flight will be the first nonstop passenger trip between Asia and Miami, according to the airport (there actually has been at least one other in the past.) The B777-300ER is one of only a few aircraft in the world capable of flying the 8,628-mile, 16.5-hour route nonstop from Taipei, the airport says.

Aviation officials say that the historic charter flight is “an important step” in efforts to achieve scheduled nonstop passenger flights between Miami and Asia. State and local officials will be in attendance.

Arrival tomorrow is expected around 12:30 PM. Reporters are being invited to photograph the arrival and interview Miami-Dade Aviation Director Emilio T. González.

While in Miami, Tsai will stay at the Fontainebleau hotel and meet a Marlins pitcher of Taiwanese descent. She will depart for Panama on Saturday.


update: photo of plane arriving at MIA


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5 years ago

This is good news. We have been planning a trip to China and the shortest route we found was about 23 hours. This will shave off 6 hours of travel. Awesome!

5 years ago

IF we get passenger service. This a one time thing.

5 years ago

Go Miami to Zurich on the overnight flight. Spend 14 hours touring the city of Zurich and then head back to the airport for the overnight to Hong Kong.

5 years ago

I flew this exact airline and aircraft from San Francisco to Taipei last September. Unfortunately I flew Cattle class, I waited too long to book premium economy which they offer. Average service but nice plane and very nice interior. I wanted to fly business but just didn’t want to work that hard to get the money for it, kinda regret it the design is splendid.

If Miami gets China Airlines, Cathay, or Hainan Airlines those are all pretty good ones. China Eastern or Air China are pretty bad airlines service wise from what I hear, never on them though.

5 years ago

Only possible due to the aircraft not being full of passengers/cargo. Only one or two planes in the world can do Asia-Miami direct, and none of these aircraft would be full enough for the route to be profitable for the airline.
Will be interesting with the new Airbus A350-ULR coming out soon, which is going to allow Singapore to restore direct service to EWR at a higher profit margin. Maybe then we will see someone like CX or JAL start direct service to Miami

5 years ago

It’s a charter…