First Phase Of Bayside Renovations Set To Begin Next Month

Ashkenazy Acquisition Corp. has taken over management of Bayside Marketplace after buying a 49 percent stake from General Growth Properties.

Work will begin next month on the first phase of renovations in October. Another phase of construction is in the design stage and will be revealed later.


Bayside Marketplace fulfills its terms of lease with a $10 million dollar check presentation to the City of Miami.

MIAMI, FL – (SEPTEMBER 14, 2016) – Downtown Miami’s Bayside Marketplace, a popular indoor-­outdoor festival marketplace that is often frequented by Miami locals and tourists, is about to get a well­ deserved facelift by Zyscovich Architects, one year shy of its 30th birthday.

The first phase of Bayside Marketplace renovation and addition project includes the renovation of the existing 140,850 SF outdoor common areas. The scope of work for the outdoor renovation includes a new paint scheme for the exterior of the buildings, piers, bulkheads and exposed structure, new flooring for the upper level, new stairs and railings, new restrooms, new tenant signage packages, lighting, landscaping, and graphics and wayfinding.

Built in 1987, this nearly 30 ­year ­old retail, restaurant and entertainment venue is just north of Bayfront Park, next to the American Airlines Arena and adjacent to Port of Miami Cruise Line Terminal.

“Bayside Marketplace is the waterfront retail anchor for Downtown Miami. We are thrilled to be at the ground floor of this transformational improvement project,” said Zyscovich Architects Founder and CEO, Bernard Zyscovich.

Honoring the terms of its lease negotiation with the City of Miami, earlier today, Bayside Marketplace LLC presented Miami Mayor Tomas Regalado with a check for $10 million dollars.

This monetary contribution, in addition to the physical improvements that will be coming forth in future phases, is its commitment to investing now in Bayside’s future.

“This is an exciting moment for Bayside Marketplace as it becomes a preferred location for the local downtown community,” said Pamela Wellers, Senior General Manager, Bayside Marketplace LLC.

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I remember coming here as a little kid back in 1987. Loved going on those party boats with the family… dancing while sipping on virgen piña coladas. 🙂


It’s a wise investment to upgrade the property… It’s a great location with a beautiful marina and really lights up at night. I’d like to see it offer more fresh fish restaurants.


Faneuil Hall Marketplace in Boston is a good example.


Don’t kill me but this is one place in Miami that I don’t mind chain restaurants and stores. A Hooters and Cheescake Factory would do well in Bayside…


There already is a hooters.


30 years of bayside. Would of been cool if it were finished for its 30th bday next year.


is skyrise dead..?…never hear anything anymore….


It is my understanding they have finished preliminary site work.. sewer, utilities, etc.


The site work that was done was with regards to the marina and piers.


I sure hope not
Skyrise is the most exciting thing that will happen to downtown


This is awesome, should be great for the city of Miami. Can anyone recommend of where else to find news on all things Retail in South Florida? Specifically, info on upcoming/redeveloping malls, lifestyle centers, shopping centers, etc. Thanks in advance!


Looks like a Bass Pro Shop

John Morris

Nothing like Bass Pro Shop. Because of the gable structure? That is pretty lame.


Yes it does resemble the typical Bass Pro structure style. I see it.

John Morris

marc, that’s just plain and simple ignorance. BPS are done with heavy timber and logs to resemble country architecture of the American back woods. Bayside, originally designed by Ben Thompson, who also did Fanieul Hall (Boston), South Street Seaport (NYC), HarborPlace (Baltimore) and Jacksonville Landing, is more reflective of Caribbean and Bahamian architecture which was the precident that Ben Thompson modeled. Thompson looked at regional influences and adapted respective marketplaces accordingly. Your thinking that the Bass Pro style is resembled would be like one saying that the VW bug and a luxury sports car like a ferrari resemble each other in that they have 4 wheels and are convertibles.


This is an old,”nobody care about”,market place.Its sitting on the most expensive piece of property in entire state.Only solution for this market is break it down and build new one,which will include future Miami Fish Market. Is there in Miami anyone smart with the vision to build it,or we are all just to cheap and stupid.

John Jacob Jingerheimer Schmidt

Anonymous, or guy who hides behind Anonymous, your comment shows how stupid you are. Bayside is a success already and a facelift is SO MUCH CHEAPER than a new design. More importantly, did it occure to you that with the success of Skyrise aimed for the tourist market, you are forced to go through Bayside to get to Skyrise. From a planning perspective this is BRILLIANT and will help the City tremendously.


JOJS you just talking nonsense.