Here Are The First Renderings Of Missoni Baia’s Luxury Residences In Edgewater

The first images of the Missoni Baia condo tower in Edgewater have finally been revealed.

In addition to a rendering released by the developer, Broker Michael Light obtained images.

OKO Group’s 56-story luxury residential project is being designed by Asymptote along with Revuelta Architecture, and will feature large and expensive units.

The 649-foot tower will have just three condo units on each floor. Units will range in size from 2,400 to 3,500 square feet, with prices from $1.675 million to $3.9 million.


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slick/sharp design with a nice height at the right neighborhood. Love it.


Not a bad project, but it is kind of plain and dull. This project is right on the water and it will define our skyline. Am I the only one who wishes for some developer to step out of the box and build something on the lines of Dubai, or Abu Dhabi?


If you pitch in the cash then sure.


We need more Grove at Grand Bay style projects… more Zaha, less squares and rectangles.




Really nice indeed.


Cutting edge it is Not.


Nice clean lines. However would be nice to see something similar to what’s being built in Sunny Isles, like PMG’s Muse, with unique, cutting edge design. Break away from the tall blocks being built.


I feel like a girl at prom–underwhelmed and unfulfilled. All that anticipation, and just a quick, effortless splooge.


will look great as you come across venetian causeway….very clean looking….but is there still a market for million $$ condos during this cycle?


Won’t be getting any architectural awards any time soon. The only positive is plenty of glass.


Straight lines are a departure for the curvi-linear tendencies of RVL (think Santa Maria, Bristol, and 900 Biscayne). Not a huge fan of it, but it’s not terrible. I like OKO’s differentiation strategy. A decline in the condo market will be less likely to affect the market segment OKO is targeting.


Reminds me of Ten Biscayne Park….before it got lost in the Biscayne well.


Is it me or does that sky pool deck look like a cheap copy of Turnberry Ocean Club’s?


I’m sure it will be a lovely project… I think that just overall I’m bored with Miami’s reluctance to demand more from developers in our yearning to be a true world class city.. Other than Armani, 1000 Museum, Muse, I’m just underwhelmed.


good for the area to launch 2MM average units.
will sokidify all the other jobs.
Good luck selling!!


In the second to last picture the balconies are asymmetric, but I guess they changed their minds and engineered the project for cost based on the main rendering at the top.


Ya, I saw that rendering first and thought the project would be much more interesting.


Definitely not anything to look twice but nonetheless, nice architecture for the “90’s
I guess developers and architects have forgotten we are on a new century and adding a few touches would make it much more interesting and creative.




Guess they paid too much for the land and needed to make up costs somewhere. Oh well


It was the last chance to redeem Edgewater for replacing a neighborhood of beautiful prewar buildings with monotonous boxes, destroying the street interaction and layout, and not upgrading infrastructure and creating more open space, and they blew it.

Someday, we’ll remember Edgewater like Chicago’s Gold Coast or Los Angeles’ Bunker Hill and sigh. At least those two neighborhoods (and cities) have more better looking new buildings.


Edgewater was a dump, with people shooting dope on the streets before condo development started over a decade ago. Some of the buildings may be less than iconic, but Edgewater was no Coconut Grove. Heck, it was no Little Haiti or Little Havana either.


Maybe that’s the kind of street activation he likes…

And there are still plenty historic buildings left in the area. Only a couple of them are interesting enough to deserve restoration, but it looks like many will stick around. The historic facade on 25th is incorporated into a new development. The old Spanish storefront across the street will hopefully be restored and preserved. MiMo buildings like the Bacardi building and Kobi Karp HQ aren’t going anywhere. Turning into a nice blend of old and new, and I certainly see more people walking around the neighborhood now…you know, that aren’t shooting dope and such


Well if you want to be sarcastic, yes. Shooting dope on the streets is better than shooting it in your new condo at a party with loud screeching auto-tuned excuse of music.

What constitutes interesting enough? Is there anywhere else in the city preserved with similar buildings? No. Also, the tower portion of 2500 Biscayne is an awful clusterf**k. Furthermore, the Bacardi Building and Kobi Karp HQ are of a completely different generation of architecture, which looked good for their time, but if built today, like the tower above, would be plain old shit. The last Edgewater condo development with architecture I liked was Paramount on the Bay, which was supposed to ironically preserve a 1920s mansion, but a crane collapse crushed it.


So if a neighborhood is a dump, then it needs to be bulldozed and replaced with box towers? SoHo in NYC was dump in the 1960s and was no Upper East Side. It escaped urban renewal, and now look at it.

City Commissioner

Asymptote Architecture?!?!? I doubt it!


What’s this,Four Seasons?