First Shade Trees Planted At Miami Worldcenter’s New 7th Street Promenade As Developer Prepares To Build On All Sides

Landscapers are now planting shade trees in the area where Miami Worldcenter’s 7th Street Promenade will soon open, on what was once a roadway for automotive traffic.

The developer has plans to build on all sides of the new promenade.

On the south side of the promenade, contractors are now nearing completion of the 44-story Caoba with 444 apartments.

Also on the south side of the promenade, a construction permit is pending for a second 40-story tower at Caoba with 411 apartments, along with 4,103 square feet of retail. Miami’s building department still hasn’t approved it yet, however.

Between the two new towers, a total of 10,591 square feet of retail will line the south side of the promenade. In addition, there will be 10,591 square feet of full service restaurant.

On the north side of the promenade, plans were submitted last month for a new development on what is known as Block E. Miami’s Planning & Zoning Department is now reviewing the proposal.