Here Are Floor Plans And Pricing For Paramount Miami Worldcenter, Where Sales Are Now Underway

Sales are now underway at Paramount Miami Worldcenter, where units start at $533 per square foot.

Floor plans, pricing and other facts are below:


Developer: Daniel Kodsi
Art Falcone
Nitin Motwani

Architect: Elkus Manfredi Architects
Interior Design: ID & Design International

700+ Feet
470 Residences
Residences: Levels 10-54
Typical Floorplate | Level 11-45
12 Residences per Floor
• Private elevator access with private foyers
• 10-foot ceilings in all living spaces
• Outdoor living rooms
• Large entertainment space
• Designer European kitchens
• Rain Showers
• Spa Tubs
• Full-size Laundry Room
• Lock-out studio (in 3 bedroom residences)
• PARAMOUNT Residences Mobile App

• Private direct 3 rd floor access from
your residence into The Mall at Miami
• 9th Floor Amenities:
Recreation Lounge
Outdoor Lounge
State-of-the-art fitness center
Boxing Studio
Aerobics Area
Treatment Rooms
Hair/Nail Bar
Outdoor Bath Gardens
Play Center
Kids Play Room
Video Game Play Room
Social Lounge (Pool Table, etc.)
Jam Room
Recording Studio
• The Roofdeck provides:

Resort Pool
Walking Paths
Picnic/BBQ Areas
• The Yacht Skyview Deck, located at the
very top of the PARAMOUNT tower on
the 55 th floor, offers a 4-level area with:

Skyview Lounge
Yoga Deck

Deposit Schedule:
10% at Reservation
10% at Contract (Q1 2015)
10% at Groundbreaking (Q2 2015)
10% at 8th floor (Q4 2015)
10% at top-off
50% at Closing (2018)
Residential Mix
1 Bed + den / 2 Bath
A1/A2 Total: 1,491 sq. ft. / 138 m 2 Interior: 1,294 sq. ft. / 120 m 2 Outdoor: 197 sq. ft. / 18 m 2
B1 Total: 1,521 sq. ft. / 141 m 2 Interior: 1,318 sq. ft. / 122 m 2 Outdoor: 205 sq. ft. / 19 m 2
B2 Total: 1,573 sq. ft. / 146 m 2 Interior: 1,386 sq. ft. / 129 m 2 Outdoor: 187 sq. ft. / 17 m 2
2 Bed + den / 3 Bath
C1 Total: 1,835 sq. ft. / 170 m 2 Interior: 1,630 sq. ft. / 151 m 2 Outdoor: 205 sq. ft. / 19 m 2
C2 Total: 1,877 sq. ft. / 174 m 2 Interior: 1,690 sq. ft. / 157 m 2 Outdoor: 187 sq. ft. / 17 m 2
D1/D2 Total: 1,952 sq. ft. / 181 m 2 Interior: 1,753 sq. ft. / 163 m 2 Outdoor: 199 sq. ft. / 18 m 2
3 Bed + den / 4 Bath
E1/E2 Total: 2,611 sq. ft. / 243 m 2 Interior: 2,320 sq. ft. / 216 m 2 Outdoor: 291 sq. ft. / 27 m 2
F1/F2 Total: 2,578 sq. ft. / 240 m 2 Interior: 2,376 sq. ft. / 221 m 2 Outdoor: 202 sq. ft. / 19 m 2

1 Bed + den / 2 Bath | starting at $690,000
2 Bed + den / 3 Bath | starting at $980,000
3 Bed + den / 4 Bath | starting at $1,400,000



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6 years ago

Park West will be the most desirable neighborhood in Miami. That’s why I bought here. Museum Park is a world class waterfront park.
This is the cultural center of Miami: the Art museum, the Science museum, the arscht center, AA arena, the freedom tower museum.
The signature bridge over Biscayne, Miami grand central train station, 1000 museum, 1800 room Mariott convention center, the 2 billion investment in Miami World center. The billion dollar tunnel has keep trucks out of this neighborhood.
This is the best Miami has to offer. To believe in the amazing transformation of the neighborhood – is to believe in this amazing city – MIAMI.

6 years ago

Great..hopefully you are not paying what they ask at Paramount…….Paramount has no views of what you are talking about.

6 years ago

I think what we can all agree on is that eventually buildings that are being built now-2017 will eventually decrease in prices from what today’s market is. Maybe not a significant decrease but these prices won’t stay as is.

The locals that can afford this can afford to put down a few more hundred thousand and have a tendency to go to Sunny Isles or Miami Beach to get water views. The high income earners in Miami prefer that water view then city view/living.

That leaves us with investors that probably have so much capital already invested in the past 2-3 years that they look at these prices and will realize the ROI and risk isn’t worth it.

6 years ago

False. Nationally, people are leaving the suburbs for the urban core for the convenience of work and play. To many people, city living > beach and sand (by the way, still plenty of water views in the urban core). Sure, you’ll have plenty of vacationers wanting to be on the beach, but most people looking for a full-time residence prefer the city.

6 years ago

You better hope Genting doesn’t build it’s Las Vegas type casino (with the help of Florida Legislature). The moment Las Vegas style casino’s come to Miami, Miami loses its allure. Casino’s, while they may increase jobs in Miami, will bring with it more drugs, prostitution and you will see more drunk drivers and party scenes in Downtown which people don’t want to live in.

6 years ago

Amen Dave! I just purchased a unit at 900 biscayne and truly believe Park West is on its way to becoming the most desirable neighborhood in Miami! $$

6 years ago

the bldg. is located where? behind Marina Blue and 900 Biscayne….no views at all?
does someone have a site plan showing where the bldg. is in relation to those 2 and the Grosskoff site in front of the arena.

does it have any views??

6 years ago

No true 2 bedrooms?

6 years ago

We need more Elkus Manfredi buildings in this town. Fantastic design.

6 years ago

These Worldcenter plans are truly awsome! Now if we can only get the casinos going up the road.

6 years ago

Daniel Kodsi is the dude who lost Paramount Bay to foreclosure several years ago, right?

6 years ago

Paramount is behind marina blue and 900 but it is set farther back. The south side of the building should be able to have waterviews looking over miami freedom tower.

The building is competing against brickell city center residences which also has no view and sold out on their first tower…. I believe the price per sqft is actually better then city center too.

6 years ago

but this job is in Homeless Land…will never sell at those prices.
doubt it will lift off, particularly when for $500 a sft you can buy WATER VIEWS in Edgewater or Midtown.
Units are too big and bldg is too costly for that location..

Who wants to live looking at the railings of Marina Blue or at NAP???


6 years ago

Because of the larger foundation of the building they will need to start this project ahead of time before the mall construction starts. The project is happening.

Looks like they are taking the City Centre approach and selling the building during construction unlike other projects which are must sell before construction.

6 years ago

Citycenter was well under construction by the same owner of the shopping center before they decided to launch sales.
here you have to 2 different owners….the shopping center owner and the condo tower developer.
interesting to see what happens with the shopping if the Tower doesn’t sell well

6 years ago

City Centre’s first tower is sold out 75%. They try to market it as such a success and demand of building but for a condo building in this location, above luxury dining and retail, this building should have sold out within 30 days. Investors are no longer interested in Brickell as it’s getting too expensive that even rents won’t give them much of a profit with the decline in rent prices to come once all these buildings are done.

6 years ago

The biggest reason why Brickell City Centre hasn’t sold out in 30 days is because the are asking for 50% down immediately and the additional 50% within a year.That is a crazy amount of money in a short period of time especially at that price range.

Sales have been doing pretty well despite this fact with the first tower almost sold out. Brickell is getting too expensive to keep up with the rents for investors but unfortunately I see Miami is catering more and more to the rich and not normal people.

6 years ago

the tower is facing completely west with a gorgeous view of the airport. I simply don’t see this project having any value when it’s placed next to the NAP of Americas and the methodone clinic. Just another developer trying to cash in on the real estate market — downtown Miami is never going to be brickell or edgewater with water views. wynwood and the design district are feeble attempts by NY’s and interested parties to dupe the public, disappear when they sell out or cash out, and then the areas are left with a lot of empty retail.

6 years ago

Angry much? Tell us what you really feel.

6 years ago

Its a lot of retail. But I think it should succeed. They will take away customers who don’t want to travel all the way to Aventura Mall, which is wildly successfull

Worldcenter is Aventura mall of the south. Looks like City Centre is Bal harbour of the South.

6 years ago

I might even say it’s a Dadeland and not Aventura. Aventura has more upscale shops and these will most likely come to City Centre or not come down to Miami at all.

6 years ago

Remarkable level of idiocy.

6 years ago

I dont get all the hate for this project, have you seen that f-ing area of downtown? plus with All aboard coming along finally all of downtown will be liveable, it would probably even help the 3 other buildings already there that rent get the rif raff out.

When this gets built that area is going be fantastic.

6 years ago

“I dont get all the hate for this project”…

That’s because you are a normal, well-adjusted person.

6 years ago

“Just another developer trying to cash in on the real estate market — downtown Miami is never going to be brickell or edgewater with water views.”

Well maybe Mr or Ms Anonymous can enlighten us on what a developer’s purpose is supposed to actually be, and I guess downtown shouldn’t evolve because nobody ever builds anything on land in this world unless it has water views.

I wish when competitors pay people to write negative stuff about their competition on the internet, they go out and seek more intelligent trolls.

6 years ago

Sits behind Marina Blue looking at its railings and west looking at NAP.
Units are too big for bldg with no views.
Groskoff will build massive project on the last 2 sites on Biscayne blocking more views.

Need to start Plan B on markting…this one wont fly.

6 years ago

Blah blah blah….waterfront views are overrated and if that’s all an area can provide, then that amounts to nothing but total boredom. The Downtown, Brickell, Midtown, and Edgewater areas are experiencing a makeover and revival that’s bringing the convinence and excitement that has never been witnessed before. Residents and businesses have been eagerly awaiting this transformation. Miami will no longer sit back and rely on the allure of Miami Beach to attract the bulk of tourism to the county. The developers have strategically crafted their plans for what and how this entire corridor, from Brickell to Midtown, should look and be built so the NAYSAYERS just need to shutup and let them do their thing. And as far as casinos prostitution and drugs are concerned, it’s really funny how no one mentions the fact that an economically depressed area or city which leads to high unemployment greatly increases the prostitution and drug trade in it. So stop with the “the Casinos are coming the Casinos are coming” Paul Revere fear and scare tactics. Casinos will only provide Miami with more variety and spice for the locals and tourist alike.

brickell broker
6 years ago

I think people are saying that units with less views should be smaller in average size say 900 to 1000 sft average and maybe go for $400-$500 a sft.You find a lot of those in the MLS…
This project is a bit on the wishful thinking side. No real views and not an amazing location….go there and imagine living next to the NAP and behind Marina Blue
Lets see how the market reacts…but my bet is that it will be so slow that brokers will take their buyers elsewhere.

Only time will tell but I am taking my clients to better opportunities.

6 years ago

It’s spelled “convenience” (end of third line)

6 years ago

The location may not be amazing now, but this whole area is scheduled for a transformation. Remember, Manhattan NY sells you the lifestyle first. Agents and Brokers in Manhattan only start worring about views when it comes to clients who are spending in the sums of $10 million and up for a condo. Miami is beginning to understand that the key to attract the type of business climate and companies it desires, it must stop taking a one way view of how the city should be developed and try different approaches that it was too afraid of and ignored in the past.

I believe that the Marriott, World Center, AAF, and other planned stuff that are unbeknownst to us for this area where this condo tower is planned to go up is going to attract so well, brokers are going to be running over each other because they’re going to be so busy.

6 years ago

do something to the back of the Marina Blue…hideous view

6 years ago

Manhattan has JOBS and lot of high paying jobs.

305 broker
6 years ago

Took my clients to both brickell and paramount and they decided that Brickell has already reached its peak, Edgewater is close to peak, and Downtown will be the next big thing.

Paramount also offers a much better quality building then the condos in brickell right now.

6 years ago

How is Edgewater close to its peak? Just getting started…

305 broker
6 years ago

Edgewater is already close to its peak in price per sqft and available land.

If you take into account what is already planned or under construction you can see that there is not much developers can build in the area except for boutique condos and rentals. Mbay may be the only luxury condo left. If there is others planned let me know…

This leaves out the arts and entertainment district/omni and Downtown left to develop

6 years ago

Sure, more land to develop, but prices are essentially the same…

6 years ago

Park West has so much going for it right now (Miami Worldcenter, All Aboard Miami, Science Museum, One Thousand Museum, Skyrise Miami). There’s no doubt in my mind that 5-7 years from now, Park West will be the hottest neighborhood in South Florida. The best part about Park West is its central location. With 95 and 395 easily accessible, getting to Brickell, South Beach, Edgewater, Design District, Aventura, etc. is a piece of cake. Which neighborhood can say the same?

In my opinion, Park West is currently underdeveloped in regards to residential units. Besides Paramount Miami Worldcenter, the only other units that are slated to hit the market by 2018 are the units from One Thousand Museum. With prices over $1,000 per square foot, those will be a welcome addition.

After seeing the same types of designs from Arquitectonica, these designs from Elkus Manfredi are a breath of fresh air. Halle-fucking-lujah! The renderings for this development are nothing short of spectacular!

6 years ago

Good luck
well see how market reacts to “no views”..but they need to do something about Marina Blue.

6 years ago

I think investors will trend towards Brickell Heights 2 or even Hyde Midtown…better pricing,better locations and much better amenities.

6 years ago

I’m not sure why anyone would say that there are no views, unless they have no clue? I own a unit on the 10th floor of what will end up being behind Paramount Miami & the views are quite spectacular, even from a lower floor, at least for now. We will most likely loose our views when World Center gets built but they will have them, especially on higher floors. Our current view from a lower floor has striking views of AA Arena, Bay Views showing cruise ships on the port, the Arscht Center & beautiful views of the density of buildings to the South, which includes the Freedom Tower & The Miami Tower with its incredible light show. Water views without city views can get boring & are just dark at night.