Florida Was The Nation’s Second-Fastest Growing State Over The Last Year

Over 1,000 people a day moved to Florida over the past year, as people continue to flee cold, high-tax northern states, new Census data shows.

For the year, Florida was the second fastest growing state in the nation by raw numbers, behind only Texas. On a percentage basis, Florida ranked fourth behind Utah, Nevada and Idaho, with 1.82% population growth in just one year.

Last year, Florida overtook New York to become the third most populous state in the country. Florida’s lead over New York continued to grow over the past year to nearly 1 million people (New York’s population actually shrunk, as did fifth and sixth place Illinois and Pennsylvania).

In total, Florida added 367,525 people, and now has a population of 20,612,439.

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I am one of the Northeasterners who is part of the statistic and very happy to live in Miami and not planning to go back!


That’s good to hear! South Florida is different in many ways from up north but is just as diverse, tolerant, and progressive.


My hope is that the State can manage the traffic congestion somewhat reasonably and encourage residential density instead of sprawl into Florida’s wild spaces (not just into the Everglades) in order to protect our water supply, our eco-tourism (beaches, fishing, etc) and the native flora and fauna of Florida.

I couldn’t care less about how many people are or are not moving to Florida, to be perfectly frank. I’m more interested in quality of life metrics. 🙂


I can sign everything you said.
Great thinking!!!