Fontainebleau Wants Approval To Remove Up-Lit Flooring From Lobby Bleau Bar

Miami Beach’s Fontainebleau Resort is planning renovations that will redesign the Bleau Bar in the lobby.

An up-lit glass floor, installed in 2008, will be removed and replaced with more conventional terrazzo flooring.

The bar area, which is now open to the lobby area, is proposed to be screened off.

Another change: Instead of a round bar, the shape will become elliptical. The round column at the center will also be removed.

In a letter, President and COO Philip Goldfarb explained the rationale:

Expanding the diameter of the round bar will minimally increase the seat count yet significantly increase the overall footprint of the bar.

Additionally, the existing shape of the Bleau Bar design exposes the service area and trash receptacles, creating an eyesore for the guests. The proposed Bleau Bar design conceals the service area and trash receptacles, making them less visible to the guests.

Lastly, the proposed design incorporates the ADA seating more seamlessly than the round bar, creating an identical experience for all guests.

Seat count will rise from 110 to 168 under the new design.

The Fontainebleau has historic protection, and Miami Beach’s Historic Preservation Board must approve the redesign. Review is scheduled by the board on July 10.


current and proposed: