Fontainebleau’s ‘Worst Three Weeks In 15 Years’ As Zika Worries Mount

There are signs that Zika is hitting Miami’s hotel industry hard, according to the Herald.

  • The Fontainebleau resort suffered their worst three week period in 15 years, a city of Miami Beach memo stated. At least sixteen groups have cancelled, impacting business into 2017
  • Miami Beach revenue per available room dropped 11.1 percent compared to 2015 in the most recent week for which data is available, the third week in a row of significant decline
  • Even mainland hotels are reporting weak bookings, including for the Art Basel period

Until now, Miami hotels have been enjoying year after year of record breaking results. In August, hotel revenue in Miami Beach was up 7 percent over last year, a new record.



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5 years ago

This shall pass

5 years ago

It’s so interesting how much attention and debate about this disease that has low mortality and the morbility is in a small population of pregant mothers that could avoid this by using mosquito repellent or avoiding pregnancy if they consider they are at risk

So many other problems that affect the unborn child and that is rampant an epidemic in this country like drug addicted mothers, STD, and alcoholism that all together create a population of diasabled children ( with a high cost to society ) and now all the fuss with this virus that someone wisely already commented “this shall pass”

The media manipulation and distortions affect the economy in so many ways

Well, virus or no virus , it was about time that the Fontainebleau hotel lower its rates so not only rappers can afford a week there

5 years ago

it would be great if we get a nice blast of cold air in the winter. anything less that 50 degrees will kill mosquitos leaving on the larvae, which should be eradicated with the pesticides.

It’s basically a race for winter, once we get a nice cold blast this should subside.

5 years ago

omg thank you!

5 years ago

I own 5 suites at the Fontainebleau and have great rates (even for non rappers).

5 years ago

One would think there was a yellow fever outbreak, the way some are reacting. According to the “official” information, Zika produces no symptoms whatsoever in the majority of those who contract the virus. For those who do get symptoms, they are reported to be “mild, flu-like” in nature. Even most pregnant women who get exposed will not have pregnancy complications and their newborns will not exhibit birth defects.
But as someone said, the mainstream media hype has made things seem a lot more dire than they really are. Once we are well into the winter season this will be forgotten in South Florida. More tropical areas in South and Central America do not have enough change of season to tamp down the mosquito population.

5 years ago

Let the bust begin.