Site Work Permit Submitted For 2600 Biscayne, Contractor Named

A site work permit is now being processed for a site at 2600 Biscayne, where a 40-story tower is planned to begin construction.

Records show that the permit application was filed on July 3, for excavation/piles/site and soil improvement. Prescreening is now underway.

Coastal Construction is listed as the contractor. On the main permit for vertical construction of the tower, Coastal was added as the general contractor in April, records show.

The proposed permanent height of the building is 521 feet above ground, or 529 feet above sea level, according to a June 21 FAA filing.

A utilities agreement completed in January states that 2600 Biscayne will include:

  • 399 apartments
  • 174,524 square feet of office
  • 9,260 square feet of retail

Previously, the developer said the residential component would be Class A multifamily.

Oak Row Equities is the developer, and Lndmrk Development is a minority partner.

Arquitectonica is the architect.


(renderings: Quantum Space Studio)

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2 months ago

That property has some incredible trees, I love the building but we also need to preserve green spaces and tree coverage

James S
2 months ago

I have that thought every time I go by this lot. This will close an important gap on Biscayne and bring some life to a rather dead block, but it’s a shame those big, spreading trees can’t somehow be preserved or integrated into the design. I’m a big fan of development, but Miami feels like it’s losing a lot of tree cover.

2 months ago

the tower is basically ho-hum…..but that podium makes the project jump out because its unique….i really hope it looks like this when its finished…..been fooled before….

2 months ago

Let’s get it built we need the housing PERIOD

Jeremey Howlett
2 months ago

That looks nice. It would be nice if luxury car dealerships, Aircraft manufacturers had showrooms on the podium levels of these large buildings. They should be located next to freeways, so that as you’re driving by you can see all the luxury cars and jets in the glass showrooms. It will really add to the luxury appeal of south Florida.

2 months ago

Woww i cant believe their actually going with this design…Miami needs better.

2 months ago

Here’s a novel idea… you’re more than welcome to build a better building. All you have to do is buy the land and take some risk instead of sitting on the couch.

Eye sore
2 months ago

The constructs that this “architecture” firm produces ( not architecture) is never up to par with the architecture of high end design firms in Miami.
Amother opportunity lost.

2 months ago

Literally the stupidest post I’ve read yet.

2 months ago