Fox Building Giant South Beach Set From Where They Will Broadcast Up To 14 Hours Daily In The 10 Days Leading To The Super Bowl

Miami is about to get lots of media exposure, thanks to the Super Bowl.

Multiple networks will be broadcasting live from here beginning next week, but the biggest set is being built by Fox, which has broadcast rights to the game.

Fox started building its set in Lummus Park on Ocean Drive in South Beach on January 6, according to a Miami Beach City Manager memo.

A site plan shows there will be a demo football field, small Ferris wheel, and a Fox News studio.

The network will begin broadcasting live on January 24 and continue through February 2, or around 10 days.

Live broadcasts will run for 12-14 hours a day. Some of the shows will include Fox and Friends, NFL Films Presents, WWE Backstage, Fox Nation, Race Hub, America’s Newsroom, Super Bowl Pre Game and Super Bowl Opening Night.

ESPN and Univision are among the other broadcasters that will set up shop in Lummus Park. In total, around $10 million worth of media exposure for Ocean Drive is expected.

During the last Miami Super Bowl in 2010, locals were disappointed in how little coverage the network gave to the city, particularly during the game itself, when there were no live shots of the city (instead, the network aired video of crowds in New Orleans cheering on the Saints). Fox appears to be taking the opposite approach this time.