FPL Wants To Build A Floating Solar Farm On A Lake At Miami International Airport

Glide Angle Lake at Miami International Airport could soon be covered with a floating solar farm.

Florida Power & Light wants to operate the equipment, and is proposing to pay $4,900 per year in rent, which is said to be the appraise market rental value. The lease would run for 15 years, with a five year renewal, and the county would need to pay $150,000 to terminate the lease early.

FPL’s solar equipment will consist of  solar panels, electrical wiring, conduits, collection lines, charging stations, electric meters and power distribution boxes on Glide Angle Lake, which is located on the southwest corner of Miami-International Airport (MIA). The surface area will be up to 32,400 square feet in size, and the subsurface area which includes the floor and the banks of Glide Angle Lake will be used to install and anchor the solar equipment.

Dade commissioners are to vote on the deal today. A lower committee has already approved the deal.

Why is the county giving away the lease to FPL for so little? According to a memo, it is part of an initiative to increase the use of solar power.