FPL Wants To Build A Solar Circle At Bayfront Park

Miami’s parks could soon be filled with solar generating equipment, under a joint deal proposed by Florida Power and Light and the city.

At Bayfront Park, a Solar Circle, Solar Arc Canopy, and Solar Trees are proposed in the area around the Amphitheatre. FPL would pay a $10 annual licensing fee for the rights, with the term of the deal lasting 25 years.

Other city parks could also see the installation of solar generating equipment. A second resolution calls for a equipment to be placed in District Four parks, with FPL paying an annual licensing fee of $50 per Kilowatt Hour generated, for a term of up to 30 years.

A four fifths vote by Miami’s commission would be required in order to waive competitive bidding for the deal. Both proposals are scheduled to be heard at a commission meeting July 26.