Frontier Airlines Is Set To Announce Another Major Expansion At Miami International Airport Tomorrow

Frontier Airlines is already the largest low-cost carrier at Miami International Airport, and will soon be getting much bigger.

The company will announce a major expansion in Miami tomorrow morning. Frontier CEO Barry Biffle will be at the airport for the announcement.

As part of the announcement, Frontier will also detail plans for job creation at MIA.

Frontier is still tiny at MIA compared to American Airlines, which dominates the airport. After an expansion last month, Frontier now operates around 8 departures per day at MIA, compared to over 350 by American.

Private equity firm Indigo Partners owns the company.


(photo: nathan coats)

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the more competition, the better, even if it’s one of America’s jankiest carriers. anything to put pressure on AA to keep domestic fares in check


Better then spirit




While scrolling to your comment, you took the words right out of my mouth.


You really meant – “Better than spirit?”


It is better than Spirit. Cheaper prices, newer planes, and friendlier service.


No doubt, I’ve been both overbooked and the crew cancelled on me 2 of the 6 times I’ve been on Spirit.


Thank you for the business and jobs Frontier!


I used to do a weekly commute to NYC, and Frontier was my preferred airline. Because the aircraft was only used for the Miami to NYC leg, you didn’t have to worry about delays caused by the plane coming from other parts of the country.

A sample route would be NYC to Miami 6am – 9am, Miami to NYC 12pm – 3pm, and NYC to Miami 5pm – 8pm. As long as nothing happened on that route, there wouldn’t be reason for a delay. And there was usually ample time between the flight arriving from NYC until the next flight from Miami that a minor delay on that route wouldn’t impact the next scheduled flight.


Lmao yeah I’m sure that was the schedule and Frontier just let that aircraft sit for 3 hours in Miami…


With Frontier, and Delta expanding in Miami, it will bring much needed competition that will benefit its users.


Anything that makes MIA regain the title of Florida’s busiest I’m all for it


This will be good compeitition with Spirit in Fort Lauderdale.


Any guess or early news on what routes


I’ve heard a lot of South American routes probably.

Carine Remy

Will it be going to cap Haitian Haiti e we need another airline


As a former frontier employee that airline has gone down way down in all aspects of service. They treat passengers bad and employees worse!


Death by Nickle and Dime. Worst airline ever!


How can you complain when most flights cost less than a tank of gas?


Nickel and dime? Are you kidding me? It’s still way cheaper even with the bag fees. Brand new airplanes, New route Man you just can’t please everybody.


This is TNM, man. Are you new around here? People complain about things like expansion of airline routes for reasonably priced air carriers. It’s absurd and pathetic.


Those of us that want low fares can live with it. Still 100 x cheaper than the legacy carriers.
I would rather pay for a $5 coke and snack and $25 bag fee than pay $400 more for my ticket. Do the math.


A la carte business model. Do your homework! Get informed.