Full List Of Properties That Have Been Fined Since Miami Beach Increased Airbnb Penalty To $20,000

Below is a full list of property owners who have been notified that they are in violation of Miami Beach’s draconian new short term rental rules.

Virtually all of the cases are being appealed.

The owners of Jackie Gleason’s former home at 2232 Alton Road have been hit with fines several times, including one issued on December 10.


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4 years ago

Catch 22, either way there is a problem

(+)Free enterprise and stop hotel controlling and increasing the room. prices ( and paying money under the table to the politicians to stop Airbnb)

(-) I don’t like my condominium get full of tourists that don’t care about the property and I will stop my condo for allowing it
Fortunately Courts Brickell Key is very strict and well keep

On the other hand if you own your house and your lot …who can stop you for having visitors whether they pay or not?
What’s the different between relatives from Iowa or New Jersey ? Or tourists from Oklahoma or Ecuador?

4 years ago

Hotel tourism taxes pay for just about everything in South Florida. Our entire lifestyle is built in the idea that we can have nice things and make other people (gullible tourists) pay for it.

4 years ago

The problem that I have is there is no sense of scale here. That list includes large single family homes, and also includes 1 bedroom and smaller apartments, or some people who simply rent a room to a traveler.

There should be different rules for the different types of property as they have different impacts on our community. Some of these large homes throw big parties of a couple hundred people, with full catering and full drink service and a DJ with professional lights and sound. One could argue that in this senario the impact to the community is on par with a full service restaurant or night club in terms of traffic and waste disposal, smoke and grease for cooking etc.etc. There is a reason Hotels, clubs and restaurants are taxed (very significantly BTW) because of the impacts the business create and the potential for fire or crowd control security health and waste etc. These large home by-pass all of those safeguards and I believe the Hotel industry has a legitimate complaint, considering everything they do to get building permits and operate their business the right way, while these properties avoid most of that.

However if you have owner occupied units of 1 or 2 bedrooms renting just one room or the whole unit, I fail to see how this scale of rental is a legitimate threat to the city at large. The only folks affected are the condo association and immediate neighbor that allow them and the issue is better resolved at that scale instead of city wide.

Let’s not have a one size all fit for this issue. The small term rentals can be valuable in smaller buildings (particularly the historic deco district properties) that otherwise would not be at a premium.

4 years ago

I’m a Airbnb host in downtown Miami and Airbnb is prepared to apply taxes directly to every booking made from airbnb but the city doesn’t want to even allow that. So the argument that airbnb guest don’t pay taxes is out the door cause airbnb is offering and the city said no. I guess the contribution from the big chain hotels to the pockets of our politicians is more important then a steady income of taxes from the thousands of airbnb booking made every month in Miami Beach. Which I’m sure is needed for all the construction they need to pay for cause of sea level rising.

West Ave Resident
4 years ago

Not hard to find out exactly what properties are adverting, Airbnb Data and Analytics Dept sells that info to anyone willing to pay.