Full Plans For 387-Unit Midtown 8, Designed By Stantec

Atlanta developer Wood Partners and Midtown Opportunities have submitted plans for Midtown 8.

The project will include:

  • 387 apartments
  • 28 floors
  • 29,549 sq. ft. commercial/retail
  • 519 parking spaces
  • 389,989 sq. ft. total FLR

Stantec is the project architect, and the UDRB will review the plans this month.

A representative of the developer describes the project:

The Property’s location on the Southeastem edge of the District affords the Project unparalleled exposure from the South, including from Wynwood and Edgewater. The Applicant successfully designed the Project to embody the District’s core tenants of practicality, approachability, and utility. The outcome is a refined mixed-use development with 387 residential units and 389,989 +/- square feet of floor area ratio, featuring ground floor retail along Midtown Boulevard and Northeast 29th Street, a thin profiled twenty-eight (28) story residential tower, and a separate parking and amenity structure located on the east side of the Property. The residential amenity facilities are located on top of the parking structure, thus shielding the use below. Floors 2 – 9 of the garage are directly accessible from the residential tower via an open air bridge on each floor. Unique to this Project, Applicant created an open air driveway in the center of the project for vehicular and pedestrian access, thus breaking up the Project’s massing.

The parking structure is elaborately screened while still complying with Florida Building Code Sec. 406.5.2, which requires 20% of the exterior walls remain exposed to ensure ventilation. The height of the easternmost portion of the parking structure is 75 feet. The parking structure is then setback an additional 15 feet for the remaining height of the structure. The multilayered design successfully breaks up the massing of the structure.

It is important to mention that the Property’s eastem boundary abuts private property owned by Florida East Coast Industries (“FECI”). The FECI property is used as a railroad corridor for the trains. Generally speaking, railroad corridors are “dark” areas unsafe for pedestrians due to the passing trains and possible debris. Notwithstanding the inherent lack of activity in the area, Applicant added several design and operational enhancements at the ground level to activate and improve the existing corridor along the FECI rail line. Specifically, the ground level, which the Applicant is voluntarily opening to the public, boasts a lushly-landscaped linear park, complete with a dog park and citiBIKE rack. The background to this new public park area will contain an art wall, which will be visible and enjoyed by the entire neighborhood, including passing trains, and in keeping with the District’s resolve to constantly enhance the District’s aesthetics.

The Project’s configuration and design seamlessly integrate the District’s intent for pedestrian-oriented commercial activity and upper level residential uses in a live-work culture. The ground floor is dominated by a strong retail presence featuring sleek floor to ceiling glass walls, lush landscaping and passive pedestrian benches throughout the public sidewalk area. Residential uses begin on the second floor and are contained in a thinly profiled tower significantly setback from the Property lines. The tower contains a minimal footprint relative to the size of the Property, thus maintaining open view corridors for neighboring developments.

Unique to this Project is the internal vehicular circulation route for parking. Internalizing the driveway in this fashion effectively conceals vehicular parking operations from the pedestrian environment and adjacent properties. Furthermore, the Applicant optimized the pedestrian experience by locating the parking garage on the eastern side of the Property, hidden by Northeast 29th Street and Midtown Boulevard, which are primary frontages.