Full Proposal To Build A Civil Courthouse From Miami Dade Courthouse Partnership, Ranked Third By A Committee

Miami-Dade commissioners are scheduled to vote tomorrow on awarding a contract to build a civil courthouse in downtown Miami.

Below is the third ranked proposal submitted by Miami Dade Courthouse Partnership (also the third most expensive).

Miami Dade Courthouse Partnership is comprised of:

  • Sacyr infrastructure USA, LLC; DIF Infra 5 US LLC; and Macquarie Corporate Holdings pty Limited (equity members)
  • AECOM Technical Services, inc. (architect)
  • Plaza Construction Group Florida, LLC and Sacyr Construccion SA (builders)
  • Sacyr infrastructure USA, LLC and SFM Services, Inc. (operations and maintenance)

The proposal documents below were obtained by The Next Miami via a public records request.


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Ugly, looks like a jail…


Frankly, it’s the best one because it looks least like a jail, where the window grid isn’t doing that shifting motif which jails have to keep inmates from climbing out to escape, and makes the architecture look cheap.


Is this to house a power plant structure or what?

NYC Loves Miami

This building looks like a giant air purifier.


Awful. Hasn’t even been built yet and I already want it demolished.


Terrible, the only thing that I like about the video is the guitar music !!!


Still better looking than half of Miami’s high-rises.


Hideous. Miami can be so backwards it’s startling. $85M gift to Virgin for a random train station and now going to spend the same $85M amount to construct a brand new courthouse, which are typically some of the most beautiful buildings in this country. They should name this the Melo Courthouse lol (and I love Melo but architecturally they shouldn’t touch a supertall, or a courthouse for that matter).

But I guess it’s not surprising that liar Jimenez and his band of criminals won’t prioritize a courthouse.

Edit: $850M ?!?!??? How about an article on the cost and analyzing comparables domestically.


It’s a beautiful video animation, but architecturally this building badly needs more windows at the top.


i think this is nicest design…fingers crossed!


The former Soviet Union called ….they want their building back …..

Chernobyl Designs is the company name

Court House and Jail on one building????