Governor Vetoes $2 Million SkyRise Funding

Governor Rick Scott vetoed $2 million in state funding proposed for SkyRise Miami.

Scott signed a budget today from which he vetoed just $69 million – half of his previous low in vetoed spending, but SkyRise was still a casualty.

The governor’s decision is a setback for lobbyist Ron Book, who was paid up to $49,999 in fees by SkyRise developers.

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7 years ago

Once again the refusal from our ” elected leaders” to support projects that encourage diversity for tourist ($$$) and create signature land marks (sence of pride)…

7 years ago

What else could be expected from Rick,he always” makes sense”.

7 years ago

Again Governor Rick Scott puts the Tourist dollars on the back seat.
When will he learn that Florida exists because people from outside the state come here initially as tourists and the decide to live here. DUH!

7 years ago

So he veto’d to… not create jobs, and not bring in tourist money.

7 years ago

show ur frustration at the polls ppl and tell ur friends to 🙂 bah now what no paperclip tower?

7 years ago

what a lot of the elected official need to understand is that with out miami-dade county they would not have the money to approve all their pet projects because we don’t get back all that we produce for the state if we were like the majority of the counties in florida that receive more than the produce or just even if we got back what we put in we would not have budget problems that we do. this county has needs and Tallahassee needs to realize that we are not a part of the state that they wish could be cut of but that we are an economic engine for the state and I’m not referring just for this project but many other needs like education and many others because you can talk all you want about jobs but with out an educated work voce no one will bring jobs here

Not Like You
7 years ago

Funny, you all squawk when taxpayer money goes to baseball and football stadiums. Hmmmmm….

7 years ago

that thing is hideous. first time i ever agree with rick scott.

7 years ago

Scott did the right thing:
a) those 2 millions were coming from public transportation budget
b) Skyrise has not yet all the permits from the city and needs to be approved by a referendum.

It is irresponsible to take money from transportation and giving it to something unrelated to the budget and without voters’ approval.

AFTER the Skyrise gets all his paperwork cleared AND the ballot approval, i will be pleased to see the State supporting it.

Afi K. James
7 years ago

Just like he did the right thing to turn down nobama’s HSR.