Grand Opening Ceremony Held For Beachwalk That Will Soon Connect Entire City Of Miami Beach

Miami Beach held a grand opening ceremony for over a mile of new beachwalk last month. Soon, the path will run the entire length of the city.

The newly opened walkway runs from 53rd street to 64th street, or around 6,000 feet long.

The path is between 15 and 25 feet wide, and allows for pedestrians and bicyclists. Only non-native plats were removed during construction, and turtle-friendly lighting was used.

A second phase is under construction and expected to open in March 2019. It will connect to the existing beachwalk and boardwalk at 46th street to the new 53rd street beachwalk (the wooden boardwalk will be torn down and rebuilt as a beachwalk this year).

When completed, a continuous beachwalk path will run from South Pointe Park in South Beach to the city’s northern boundary in North Beach at 87th Street.