Gucci Signs Lease In Design District, Now 30% ‘Filled’

Gucci will open a Design District flagship in 2017 that is at least 7,000 square feet over two levels, according to WWD.

Developer Craig Robins said that he had been chasing Gucci for 8 years.

Robins also said that:

  • Some stores in the district are struggling
  • 30% of the Design District is now “filled”
  • Current Design District phase is just under 1 million square feet
  • Total Design District development rights are 1.5 million to two million square feet
  • “As interesting ideas surface, we’ll consider them” for remainder of development, which won’t all be retail

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5 years ago

Targeting to ONLY luxury fashion retailers is perfectly fine and I am confident they will succeed on the long run, but they need to create a destination and right now the DD is not.
They need to open restaurants, bars and cafes with indoor and outdoor seating so you start seeing activity and foot traffic. People don’t only shop because they need to, they shop because luxury shopping is really an experience…It is therapy!!! Before, after or during shopping people meet, have drinks, go to spas, etc.
The ambience must be comfortable; people are not willing sweat and get wet and they don’t care about exploring or getting to know the district while they are still doing construction.

5 years ago

The DD is being built for the future Miami no present day,that is why we don’t see much of crowd and activities around it right now. It’s like BCC,work in progress. Once everything what’s planed is done(museums, shops, stores, restaurants, cafeterias,art studios and schools ) this place with its neighbours Winwood and Midtown will be one of the hotest and most visited places in South Florida .
The key for success is MASS TRANZIT,we need to build it NOW,no tomorrow or in the future, but NOW.Extend Metromover and metrorail north to Broward ,bring all these people,visitors, tourists down to Miami,make Miami really world class city,make it GLOBAL no LOCAL.

5 years ago

1 million square feet is nothing to sneeze at but, visiting the area, it doesn’t appear to have hit a critical mass to attract the consistent traffic needed to support all these retailers. More restaurants and entertainment venues are needed. The focus has also been on luxury fashion retailers – need to diversify a bit.

5 years ago

I wonder if ‘some stores’ are really ‘most of the stores’. I literally see no action in this area. I like high street shopping but the weather is miserable and I don’t think the project was planned correctly.

5 years ago

They will need to build more residential projects into the area, and also have stores that can affordable for all people.

5 years ago

If you build it….they may not come?

5 years ago

They need to put in a Valsan or a Dollar Tree and people will go!

5 years ago

There is nothing to do in that area besides go to the stores. Sometimes there is not one soul walking around there…Bal Harbour Shops is much pleasant to go