Half Hour Wait To Retrieve Cars From BrickellHouse Robotic Parking Garage, Residents Say

Residents of the 374-unit BrickellHouse condo tower are complaining about lengthy waits to retrieve their cars from the robotic parking system.

One resident told the Herald that wait times can be up to 30 minutes during peak times, and that she was concerned about losing her job. Others are turning to Uber as an alternative.

Only a small portion of the condos in the recently opened tower are occupied, and residents fear that it will only get worse as more move in. Just 125 cars are using the system on a daily basis, compared to 480 parking spots.

Robotic garages are used succesfully throughout the world. Boomerang Systems, the contractor that built the Brickell House system, has been sued by Crescent Heights over a smaller robotic garage in South Beach. That suit has been settled and the garage is not functional.