Hallandale Beach Commission Set To Vote On Chateau Square

Chateau Square’s site plan and development agreement is set for a vote by the Hallandale Beach commission tomorrow.

If approved, the project will include:

  • 690 residential units (mix of rental/condo)
  • 280 hotel rooms
  • 36 work/live units
  • 99,569 square feet of office
  • 137,384 square feet of leasable retail (309,898 gross)
  • 1,795 parking spaces

The project will require several waivers. The height limit is 20 stories, while the proposed project is 40 stories (448 feet)

UNSTudio/Trachtenberg are the design architects.


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This project in Hallandale Beach is more Miami World Center than Miami World Center. I like it.


Agree…. decent design, wrong spot


It’s really a progressive design. It’s more suited for downtown Ft. Lauderdale or downtown Miami


This is exactly what this area needs to modernize and catch up with the rest of South Florida. The design makes sense.


Gorgeous project and will do great things for the surrounding area. Hope it is approved!


Seems like a great spot for 1,800 parking spaces.



and they only want a 20 story variance from 20 floors to 40. /s


Looks like Brickell City Center and Brickell Heights had a baby. I like it.

This is gonna be so nice.


They want the whole cake for them……:-///////


Any news?


presentation was postponed


Any follow up ??? Is it approved????


The only question I have is why the renderings show walkways and landscaping which do not align with the crosswalks at the intersection of Hallandale Beach Blvd and Federal Hwy. The fantasy pedestrians crossing to the gas station across the Hwy will be walking into moving traffic, as rendered! This corner has zero pedestrian activity now, and this plan isn’t going to help much. Ok I have one more question. How did these renderings get made and released with that glaring and rookie mistake.


This project should be approved when there is not more land available , not now at the beginning of the rezoned area……It will kill all the other projects on the pipeline…..

uninvasive species

that front mass at the corner of the intersection is so awkward in relation to everything else that is going on at the site.


Looks like it was designed for Times Square or Vegas.