Heat May Have Illegally Placed Fence And Padlock On Parcel B To Keep Visitors Out

The Miami Heat seem to be treating the publicly-owned Parcel B as if they own it.

Not only is the team controversially using the land at a rate that is well below market value, they may have illegal installed a fence and padlock on the land.

According to Local10, county officials ordered the Heat to remove the lock on Saturday after learning about it from the TV station. Activists held a symbolic park dedication on the same day, opening up the 4-acre watefront property to the public.

Government officials originally said that they weren’t sure who installed the fence. No permits were issued to build it, according to an investigation. In an interview, Dade County’s Tara Smith seemed in favor of the fence, saying that it had a benefit in that it deterred vehicular traffic and prevented illegal dumping.

The Heat are using the 4-acre property for parking and staging while paying little rent for it, although the public was once promised that it would be turned into a park.