Here Is The Plan To Remake Lincoln Road, As Presented In The Final Public Meeting Last Night

James Corner Field Operations presented their plan for Lincoln Road to the public last night, adjusted after hearing input from the public a few months ago.

The plan must now be approved by the City Commission and the Historic Preservation Board.

Improvements and changes include:

  • Narrowing sidewalks in the 200 and 300 blocks to allow for dedicated lanes for taxis and buses
  • Replacing pavement with tinted concrete embedded with seashells, eliminating need for annual painting. Metal grates in ground to be wheels and heels friendly
  • Closing part of Drexel Avenue. Other surrounding streets, including Lincoln Lane, to be more pedestrian friendly
  • Planter walls throughout will be wider and have seat backs added, becoming easier to sit on
  • Improved lighting, artwork, signage and better defined walkways