Here’s What Brickell Looked Like The Last Time A Hurricane Came Through

The last time hurricane force winds ripped through Miami was 2005, when Hurricane Wilma became the second most costly storm to ever hit Florida.

With its rapid strengthening, west-to-east direction, and late season timing, Wilma was a particularly unusual and surprising storm.

One particular area in Brickell saw the most shattered glass, which was at least partially blamed on flying roof gravel. The 1221 Brickell and 1200 Brickell office towers had the most glass damage, while nearby Espirito Santo Plaza (now Brickell Arch) and the Four Seasons Tower also lost a lot of glass.

Other buildings in Brickell (especially newer ones) had virtually no damage.

Newer buildings use improved construction techniques and stronger glass. All of the damaged towers were approved prior to newer construction standards, which were strengthened in 2000 and 2007.

Another improvement since Wilma – most gas stations and supermarkets now have a backup power supply – which will allow for quicker reopening.

Wilma only had about 100 mile-per-hour gusts though, and a stronger storm could prove extremely dangerous.