Here’s How Miami International Airport Is Spending $1.45B On Capital Improvements

Miami International Airport said last month they planned $1.45B on capital improvements. Where will it be spent?

Airport spokesperson Greg Chin provided a breakdown to The Next Miami.

Much of the funds will be spent on renovating the aging Central Terminal, which will eventually be torn down and replaced. Some of the projects planned through 2023 include:

  • Concourse E (Central Terminal) renovations – including new passenger loading bridges, renovated third level international arrivals corridor, a Concourse E-Concourse F post-security connector, a renovated passport clearance facility (already completed) and Concourse E-Satellite people mover system (already completed)
  • Renovated South Terminal-Central Terminal baggage handling system
  • Concourse H roof work
  • New North and Central Terminal passenger loading bridges
  • Miscellaneous projects such as taxiway renovations, a new Airport Operations Center area, a new employee parking garage, and renovated Central Terminal ticket counters

$336.1 million of the $1.45 billion has already been spent, Chin said. Another $730.8 million is projected to be spent during the three-year period ending September 30, 2021. The remainder is projected to be spent between FY21 and FY23.

According to a 2016 presentation, the airport’s demolition schedule for the Central Terminal is as follows:

  • Concourse G/Check In Area – 2025
  • Main Central Terminal Check In Area – 2029
  • E Satellite – 2034
  • Lower E – 2035
  • Concourse F – 2036

The presentation showed that between now and the first demolition in 2025, $1.2 billion in spending on the Central Terminal was forecast, including renovations and “enabling” projects such as new gates and utility work that will allow for demolition.

Why not simply demolish the Central Terminal now and rebuild immediately, instead of spending over a billion renovating a terminal slated for demolition?

In 2016, airport officials say they had not properly planned to begin demolition immediately. Utilities under the Central Terminal that feed the North and South Terminal needed to be studied and relocated, extra gate capacity needs to be secured, and more financial planning is needed.


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Seems like the same planners that work for the Turnpike & MDX. Spend millions on toll booth renovations only to tear them down within two years for SunPass.


Government. Spending other peoples money with no regard for efficiency.


“Airport officials say they haven’t properly planned for that.“

Maybe replace the airport officials first, and then worry about replacing the terminal.


How about the North terminal (D/E) baggage system? I dread checking a bag on American Airlines into Miami as it takes *forever* for your bag.




I would like to see central terminal replaced at once but that might be chaos for the airport


It’s very difficult to replace the central terminal at once and will never happen. The problem is, it’s very difficult to build a brand new airport on top of an active busy airport. By the time everything is done, we all will have grey hair or be dead!


Grey hair is coming sooner than you think!


“Why not simply demolish the Central Terminal now and rebuild immediately, instead of spending over a billion renovating a terminal slated for demolition?”

LOL, by the time the Central Terminal is proposed to be rebuilt, the North and even South Terminals will need to be rebuilt, because they won’t stand the test of time like the Central has for sixty years. They don’t make them like they used to, and too bad because train stations like Grand Central Terminal, Tokyo Station, and St. Pancras International are over 100 years old with the same bones while upgraded.


Mean while Chicago is getting a world class airport for 8B. Maybe Miami needs to look at attracting another Airline Hub to help them bring the airport into the future. Please just tear it down and build it new.


Notice how these county commissioners for life have done nothing to fix the Amtrak to airport 2 billion dollar MIC station boarding dock length issue.


grey hair no boner yes



Build a new Terminal to accommodate the flow from the central terminal and then jus completely tear down and rebuild the central terminal why waste billions on studies that take 10 years by that time we’ll have new transportation means

Wayne Cooley

I am looking for photos of North Miami around 1965 to 70. The Jackson Memorial Hospital is my primary interest.