Here’s How MDC Committee Decided That Related’s 520 Biscayne Bid Ranked Highest

Earlier this week, a Miami Dade College committee gave Related Group’s bid to develop 520 Biscayne the highest ranking out of four proposals.

To reach a combined 100 points, the following criteria was used:

  • Proposed Project Concept (Plan for Accomplishing the Project Requirements, Goals and Objectives) – 30 points
  • Company Background, Financial Strength and Business Success (Development Experience and Financial Ability to Develop the Project, Experience of Offeror and Key Personnel, and References) – 30 points
  • Business Terms (Financial Considerations and proposed legal relationship with the College for ownership of the proposed facility) – 30 points
  • Other Information; and local small business utilization (Additional Items) – 10 points

With that criteria in mind, the five person committee arrived at the scores below: