Here’s Why MIA Thinks Taipei Is The Top Option For A Flight To Asia

Of all places, why have Miami International Airport marketing staff focused on Taipei, Taiwan as the possible first non-stop flight to East Asia?

The answer lies in the location and connectivity of Taipei.

Because of the range limitation of airliners, almost any airport in Asia would require payload restrictions from MIA that eat into the probability of a potential flight. Only Tokyo, using the most modern generation of planes, wouldn’t be subject to those restrictions (Tokyo is also considered a top possibility for MIA).

Taipei, which is the next closest big city, moves ahead of Tokyo in feasibility, airport officials claim,  because it offers better onward connectivity to MIA’s top Asian markets. A MIA-TPE flight would still be subject to payload restrictions, but they would be smaller than other big Asian hubs.

Although MIA has unsuccessfully pursued Taipei flights for years, they continue to talk to any Asian carrier willing to listen, including those from mainland China. Asian traffic has also been growing so fast that it could soon render earlier studies moot.