Here’s The Full 2016 Chinese Plan For Twin Towers With Up To 78 Stories On The Former Capital At Brickell Site

Here’s a look at a 2016 proposal to develop twin Brickell towers, that now looks unlikely to ever come about.

The project was called 1420 South Miami Avenue, replacing the former Capital at Brickell proposal for the same site. It was submitted to Miami’s Urban Development Review Board in 2016.

Two towers would have risen 75 and 73 stories. One tower would have risen 948 feet, with the second at 919 feet.

The project would have included:

  • ‭1,264‬ residential units
  • 99,234 square feet of retail
  • 242 hotel keys
  • Multiple levels of retail, hotel ballrooom, restaurant, and amenity spaces
  • 1,683 parking spaces, including some underground

A complex court battle over the property is ongoing, with two partners in Hong Kong and China fighting for control. A sale of the land was said to have taken place recently, but is being disputed. A Hong Kong court has ordered the property sold.

Replacement of two stories worth of fill that was dug out for Capital at Brickell over a decade ago is also now underway, at the order of the city.

Arquitectonica was the architect.

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Would’ve, could’ve, should’ve…why bother with this??


TNM should do a series detailing the engineering marvel that is the Portland Loo under the Metromover tracks by the library.


Refilling is a joke. If anything, that open hole would have been an incentive to a buyer since all the work and lots of money spent had been done.


It’s not that they can’t find a buyer. But a court blocked the sale. And if this becomes a hong kong vs. china issue, nothing will be happening anytime soon.


You think is a joke because you have not been living in front of a gaping hole for the last decade where people dumped trash and mattresses into it. This hole in the ground was no incentive for all the so called developers that bought it and then sold it time and time again. The best thing to do for not is to at least fill it and put grass over it. The litigation going on in Asia will take between 3 to 5 years minimum, Brickell deserves better.


fill it with water and make it a lakeside park for now ! LMAO


At this point they need to just start all the way over everything is dated and the area it’s the same when this was proposed




Um, bigass Simpson Park is basically right across the street.


Let me get this straight. This land sold for $100 million dollars about ten years ago and now you think someone is willing to pay much more than that just to turn it into a park?

Okay… meanwhile I have some swampland in the Everglades I can sell you….


that’s not how it works ! That’s not how any of this works !!


we have old news and news for a building proposed for 2021, what about all the crap that is going on TODAY in this town?
corrupt politicians, untalented architects and cheap developers

Sgt Sapingo

Also, someone drove off the ferry to Fisher Island.


What’samatter, there’s not enough news outlets to you guys talking about that crap?


Why cry over spill milk?!


Just build it!


Shame. But the first proposal was more stunning


That 4 year old plan that isn’t happening is a game changer. Build it. Miami Winning!!!!


Sell it to Melo. /sarcasm


4 year old document…… many new buildings are missing from rendering (Echo, Le Parc, Novotel, etc)


Excellent parking spot on weekend nights, leave it as it is. A man crater it will fill with water when the floods come…