Here’s Why ‘Union of the World’ Sculpture Was Removed From Mary Brickell Village

Six years after it was installed, Ginés Serrán’s Union of the World sculpture in Mary Brickell Village has been removed.

Cecilia Kawiorski, Mary Brickell Village’s Marketing Coordinator, explained in an email:

The statue was not demolished but has been relocated. The artist, Ginés Serrán, was kind enough to give us the honor in displaying his statue for the past 5+ years at MBV; however, a decision was made to relocate the statue (we do not know yet the new location) and thus it has been removed. Rest assured that the statue is intact.

It has always been a mutual agreement that the statue exhibition at MBV was temporary. As mentioned, the statue has been at MBV for the past 5+ years and now the artist have found a new display location thus it has been relocated. The artist indicated it will be somewhere in the Tampa region; however, we do not have information on the exact location.

In 2010, the then-developer of the Skypalace condos above Mary Brickell Village (eventually developed as Nine by another developer) issued a press release about it:

The Statue of Liberty May Finally Meet Her Mate
World’s Largest Bronze Sculpture To Be Unveiled In The City Of Miami
MIAMI–Internationally acclaimed artist Ginés Serrán will make a grand declaration of peace when he unveils the world’s largest bronze sculpture of Classical Mythology, “The Union of the World: Monument to World Peace,” on January 23rd [2010] in Mary Brickell Village, Miami. Since Phidias and Chares created “Zeus” and the “Colossus of Rhodes,” both destroyed 2,000 years ago, no sculpture has been created of such magnitude. Measuring 26 feet in height and 17,600 pounds in weight, today this bronze statue is the largest in the world. Miami will become its permanent home.

“Similar to France’s offering of the Statue of Liberty to New York in 1886 as an icon of Freedom, ‘The Union of the World’ is being offered to the City of Miami as a symbol of peace in the world,” states Serrán.

Tomás P. Regalado, the Honorable Mayor of the City of Miami, with artist Ginés Serrán and Dr. Dame Evangeline Gouletas, Former First Lady of New York State and renowned real estate developer, will unveil the historical monument on January 23 [2010] at 6:00 pm. Mayor Regalado will also present the artist with the Key to the City of Miami for his artistic and humanitarian contributions to the world.

The Statue of Liberty in New York finally meets her mate, ‘The Union of the World’ in Miami, making these the two most significant symbols of freedom and peace in America. ‘The Union of the World’ will become a landmark for the City of Miami, admired by thousands of people from all over the world.

Ginés Serrán has had 150 exhibitions in 15 countries and has received international awards. This year marks the 30th anniversary since his first exhibition in America at the Guggenheim Museum, New York. To create his monument for peace, he was inspired by the legend of Hercules. Born in the city of Ceuta, Spain, which according to the myth was one of the two Pillars, instead of separating the Columns of the World, Serrán sculpted the hero uniting them.

The sculpture symbolizes the union of the Hellenic and Latino cultures with the history of the United States as well as the cultural ties of Europe with America. This sculpture is also connected to the history of the United States through the origin of the US dollar. The two vertical lines of the US dollar sign ($) are the two Pillars of Hercules.

The City of Miami has been a haven for thousands of people who enjoy its climate, calmness and diverse cultures. In contrast, today the world is facing turbulent times with eight major wars, and still the City will stand with this Monument, “The Union of the World”, as a symbol of World Peace.


(photos: phillip pessar)