Highest And Best Use Of Downtown Land Is Storage Facility (Updated)

MV Real Estate Holdings is building a self-storage facility with a roof deck and restaurant just south of Melo’s newly completed Flagler On The River.

Construction is already underway on the project, located at 123 SW N River Drive.

The architect is Blitstein Design Associates. MV is managed by Alex Mantecon and Guillermo Vadell.


The East Coast Building
Miami, FL

This mixed use building located at Miami River, will offer storage facilities for the area plus a Roof Deck / Restaurant to welcome visitors to enjoy the river view.

The main plan of this concept is to redesign and rethink the idea of the storage facilities by given the option of another use, not only for the storage users but the locals in general.

“Storage Facilities are a special need at the suburban areas and it doesn’t mean they have to be enclosed boxes, all the contrary they can enhance the city with another view and creative design”.


– Owners – Alex Mantecon and Guillermo Vadell

– 9 Stories going up 140 feet

– The building will be a mixed-use building

  • 1st floor Retail,
  • Mezzanine level with offices
  • 2nd-8th floors will be self storage
  • 9th floor will be a Rooftop Restaurant (+/- 5,000 Sq Ft) with Event Space and outdoor terraces (+/- 7,000 SqFt) overlooking the Miami River and Downtown Miami Skyline.

– Roughly 100,000 +/- Sq Ft Total

– Artwork on the front of the building will be 30 feet tall X 70 Feet Wide facing the Miami River and illuminated at night.


The concept behind the building is that the self-storage will act as a pedestal for the Rooftop restaurant / event space which otherwise would not have had any good views if it were built at the ground level. The Front façade of the building will be blanketed with an Art work that was produced by the Honors College of FIU via a class that was created for this purpose. I was directly involved with the class and my company paid for the Honors College students excursion of the Miami River on the Island Lady with Brett Bibeau from the Miami River Commission narrating about the history and impacts of the River on the City of Miami. My Company also provided a scholarship to the Honors College as an ongoing commitment to first generation university students at FIU so they can have a brighter future and better opportunities. The artwork was chosen by a panel of judges which included renowned artists – John Baily and Xavier Cortada, the commissioner of the District – Keon Hardemon, and the Director of the Miami River Commission – Brett Bibeau. The Artwork needed to exemplify or illustrate the impacts that the Miami River has had on our great City. Attached is a rendering of the building with the winning art piece. The Art will be 30 feet tall by 70 feet wide and illuminated at night.


We felt that Self-Storage in an urban setting has to be different than in the rest of the City in that these properties not only need to be built in a responsible fashion that blends with the architecture and beauty of the new buildings that are being built but they need to provide a significant level of active and mixed uses. Self Storage is a necessary product in an urban environment and we have proven that they CAN be successfully built as true mixed-use buildings and not just multi-level Self Storages with a few feet of retail on the street level. We see this as the future of self-storage and something that the City should enforce as part of their approvals.