Historic Brickell Church Wants To Enhance Curb Appeal

The historic First Presbyterian Church at 609 Brickell Avenue is requesting permission for exterior landscape work to enhance curb appeal.

The modifications include landscape reconfiguration and new signage and illumination to “create a more generous area for social gathering.”

No changes to the building’s architecture are being proposed. The structure was completed in 1949, and added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1989. It was designated historic by the city of Miami in 2003. Miami’s Historic Preservation Board will need to approve the landscape changes.

Next to the church is Brickell Park Icon Brickell. In Brickell Park is the historic Brickell Masoleum, which doesn’t actually contain any human remains, although the park itself is said to contain Tequesta remains that could be up to 2000 years old.