Historic Ocean Drive Hotel Could Become A Walgreens

Historic Ocean Drive Hotel Could Become A Walgreens

Plans to build a Walgreens inside an Ocean Drive hotel were rejected by Miami Beach’s Historic Preservation Board this month, but could be coming back later this summer.

Demandt Architecture prepared plans to convert the lobby, basement, and mezzanine levels of the hotel into a retail store. Board members criticized both the lackluster design and the size of the planned store, proposed to be 5,925 square feet. Current code does not permit a store larger than 1,350 square feet. Walgreens representatives agreed to a motion for a deferral until July.

The hotel, located at 1060 Ocean Drive, was originally built in 1934 as the Bon Air Hotel with design by Architect Henry Maloney. It was redesigned in 1944 by Albert Anis. Nakash properties bought the building in 2012  for $18.3 million.

Walgreens already has seven locations in South Beach between 5th Street and 23rd Street.


(photo via ruskinarc)


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Does Walgreens really need a location on every block?

It’s shameful that they would ruin a tasteful and historic building by the beach for the same type of copypasted walgreens store you can find a million of all over Florida.


Couldn’t agree more. Who in their right mind could possibly think a Wallgreens on Ocean Drive would be an asset? Ridiculous!

Thomas Morgan

Better than them trying to tear down another historic building like they have done all over the US. About time they start reusing buildings. The Chicago Noel State Bank project appears to have been a great reuse success for Walgreens.