Howard Stern Wants To Move His Radio Show From New York To Florida

Howard Stern is ready to move his radio show (and all of New York City) to Florida.

Speaking on his show on Monday, Stern admitted for the first time that he had considered the move.

‘I want to do the show from Florida, but the guests can’t come to Florida’ Stern said. ‘Why can’t I just do it and be on a TV camera and look at the guests?’

Stern frequently expresses his distaste for the winter weather in New York. In 2013, he paid $52 million for a Palm Beach home.

Stern said that New Yorkers are ‘stupid’ for staying where they are.

‘New York is the center of the world… Why wouldn’t everyone just move to Florida and build a New York there? I don’t get it.’


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Howard Stern Buys $52 Million Palm Beach Mansion




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6 years ago

“Stern said that New Yorkers are ‘stupid’ for staying where they are.”

Wise words.
Same could be said about 40 other states that are covered in snow and ice right now.

6 years ago

and if a cat5 hits Miami again New Yorkers will say we are ‘stupid’.

6 years ago

Oh yeah, well ask dogs in New York City which one they would rather put up with – 45 days of snow and ice, or one day of a Cat 5 hurricane?

6 years ago

My remark was tongue in cheek of course. But: 1.You don’t have to live on the coast in FL, and since most of the damage is done by a storm surge, then the issue becomes moot. 2. NYC is being hit by more storms lately than FL – that’s on top of freezing your but off for half a year. No comparison, I say. New Yorkers can say we are stupid, but they are moving down here in droves.

6 years ago

Give it 5 years and guests will want to come down to Florida for his show

6 years ago

im sure he can get plenty of guests if the show broadcasts from Miami or Fort Lauderdale.

He can live in west palm if he wants.

6 years ago

Celebrities come down here year round.Wby wouldn’t he consider it.

6 years ago

They moved the Jackie Gleason Television program to Miami in the 60’s because Gleason loved to Golf, and his ratings were incredible. Stern has shown he has the ratings success, and why not live in a 52 Million dollar Manson if you have one???

6 years ago

I’m pretty sure that from all the articles I’ve read, money that’s here, buildings being built, celebrities already living here that Miami is well underway to becoming a way better version of new York city… just give it 5-10 years!

6 years ago

Does it really matter if he has in studio guests?