Huge Whole Foods Proposed On Alton Road In South Beach

A Crescent Heights affiliate has submitted plans to build a Whole Foods Market at 19th and Alton in Miami Beach.

The Whole Foods would be 40,000 square feet, about double the size of the grocers existing (and popular) location on Alton Road.

Wells Fargo bank is currently operating on the property. The new building would include a Wells Fargo branch, and would be built in two phases to allow the bank to remain open, similar to the Crescent Heights plan for another Wells Fargo branch on Alton Road. A parking garage would span several levels.

If built, Whole Foods would be just a few feet away from a Publix, located directly across the street. Within two blocks is another Publix and a Fresh Market.

Curbed wrote that neighborhood activists are concerned about the design of the store and the traffic that it would generate, although the activists were not identified. Miami Beach’s Design Review Board will review the plans on February 3.

Above photos via Curbed. Below, an older rendering:

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7 years ago

It doesn’t seem right for 2 of the 8 whole food stores in all of Dade County be less than a mile from each other. There is already a Whole Foods right on Alton. I have to drive 6 miles to my nearest Whole foods! It just ain’t right…

7 years ago

The amount of grocers in this area is a bit hefty no?

2 Publix, 2 whole foods,1 fresh market? Plus 2 more publix within 3 miles.

Geez I know the population density in the area is high, but it seems as that 5 mile radius has over 500,000 sq ft of grocers

7 years ago

We don’t need another Whole food, what about a Trader Joes?

7 years ago

ugly building, but great idea. i only shop at whole foods, can’t stand publix, epicure too expensive and stuffy, fresh market is like a fancy publix. sometimes have to drive to gables WF cuz beach doesn’t stock all the items. would be preferable if a competing natural grocery store appeared like sprouts, but since whole foods is it down here in the south, this is great. who cares if there are 2 publix’s and a fresh market, if one goes out of business, it speaks more to their product than anything else. publix only recently supported same sex partner benefits so i don’t support their social agenda either.

russel galbut
7 years ago

hi guys its me russell
how nice is this building?

7 years ago

Hi Russel. Why don’t you tell us?

caspar mctaggart
7 years ago

The correct answer is, it is not nice at all. It is revolting.

Jeff Silverman
7 years ago

Terrific addition to the neighborhood. Adjacent to drug store and accessible to everyone. This will let the old Whole Foods do a “gut rehab”.