Hundreds Of Miami Cops Are Intentionally Uploading False Data To Waze

Police officers in Miami have been planting false information about speed traps on Waze, in an effort to confuse drivers.

Waze is a smartphone app with a feature that allows users to alert others about the locations of speed traps, giving them time to slow down and avoid tickets.

Sgt. Javier Ortiz, president of the Miami Fraternal Order of Police, told NBC 6 that if the public finds out about the locations of speed traps, it puts police at risk, because ‘it’s going to cause more deadly force encounters between law enforcement and suspects.’

The NBC report said that ‘hundreds’ of Miami police officers have downloaded Waze to plant the fake data.

According to Techdirt, claims that police officers are in danger if their location is revealed is unlikely to be the real reason that cops feel threatened, but they are instead worried about the loss of revenue generated by speeding tickets. The blog points out that planting false data is unlikely to work in the long run, since the data is crowdsourced and weeds out reports by unreliable users.