Icon Brickell Pool Will Be Closed For 12 Months Starting December 5

1,800-unit Icon Brickell has set Monday, December 5 as the date that the pool will be closed to start repairs, according to a letter obtained by broker Michael Light:

[First and foremost, the iconbrickell master association would like thank the entire community for their engagement and participation during the initial phase of our pool deck project.

By now, you may have already noticed some initial staging going on in various locations around the pool deck in anticipation of the full closing scheduled to take place on Monday, December 5th, 2016.

With that in mind, we have received several inquiries concerning the use of other pool locations. Due to limited pool alternatives and associated costs, other options were not financially viable. The Master Association Board, working with our construction partners will make every effort to ensure our new pool deck is opened within the 12 month plan for completion.

Thank you for your understanding and patience. We remain committed keeping you up-to-date on the progress of the project.


iconbrickell Master Association]

There will be no alternative pool, and the rooftop pool at the W hotel will also be closed.

Rental rates have been plummeting, and a special assessment will be required to pay for repairs.

Light says that dropping sales prices are a good buying opportunity in anticipation of completion.


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Icon Brickell – overrated and overpriced.


Not to mention that it is located right in front of the “always-up” bridge. Every person we have placed there has complained about how long it takes them to get home every day, most of them have left after one year of renting there.


And wait for when One Brickell eventually gets built…oh boy…


Wow. This again ? Lol




Residents should sue the fuck outta them.


A friend is being specially assessed $8,000 on his large 1 br. for the rennovation/repairs.


probably one of the least desireable places i looked at to buy…the entry is ALWAYS dark and hallway to units is terrible yellow color…the pool was impressive but i sensed even then…2 years ago that it was a recipe for constant expensive maintainance..but it was always that damn bridge in front that spoke to me and said no way…not here….


The biggest rip-off I have ever seen. Someone will receive $1,000,000 dollars for the design and supervision of construction of the swimming pool ? Any good mechanical engineer can design the repairs for this pool in a week. As for supervision you can hire someone familiar with swimming pools to live on the site for a year at a rate of $60,000 per year. The cost of repairs is $10,000,000 for a swimming pool that is less than 10 years old. Something about this whole project stinks. The owners should reject this project and start over.


Enough attorneys live here that it’ll be a fiasco and the law firms will come out as the true winners


This is not old building, which brings me to ask…What’s wrong with the pool? And why an entire year for closure?


Cracks = Leaks = Damaged Property = 254 Lawyer or Paralegal Residents