Is Downtown Miami’s 70-Story Okan Tower Moving Forward?

Update: Okan Tower’s developer has announced that the project is moving forward.


Will Okan Tower begin construction this year and become Miami’s tallest tower?

Just yesterday, the developer was working on a tree permit from Miami’s Building Department to clear the construction site, according to city records.

But at the same time yesterday, a Miami broker was claiming on social media that the project is on hold. (the Instagram post has since been updated with a disclaimer that it was based on hearsay from an inside broker).

The project had been moving through the the permitting process in recent month and looked to be readying for groundbreaking.

In December, an application was submitted to build the tower at 902 feet , which would make it taller than any other building in Miami.

Also in December, the developer finalized a deal to bring water and sewer utilities to the project.

The developer had also filed on October for a construction permit from Miami’s Building Department, and had requested an expedited life and safety review.