Island Gardens Developer Misses Another Deadline (Updated)

Another deadline has passed at Island Gardens without construction. The land now likely reverts to city control.

Flagstone Island Gardens’ lease of the property required the developer to begin work on the property by June 2, but there still isn’t any activity at the site

City and state officials granted an extension and approval to the developer last month. The project faced opposition from neighbors who claim that the lease, which was inked over 10 years ago, is now well below market rate.

Update: The developer claims that the work has begun on marine mitigation

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7 years ago

It’s long overdue for this land to be returned to the city. Whether you’re for the development or would prefer it become a public space, we can all agree that having it fenced off as a dummy construction site for 10 years is a terrible waste.

7 years ago

Wow, 10 years is enough, maybe Beckham stadium could fit very well there? Just suggesting

7 years ago

That is not a bad idea at all! I would prefer them not to mess with Museum Park

7 years ago

Yes,much better than Museum Park. Probably has more land to build hotels and marina he wanted to begin with.

7 years ago

While it’s near Downtown, it’s completely removed from the pedestrian landscape. You can’t build a pedestrian bridge across the bay from, let’s say, Museum Park, to that spot for three reasons: 1) the length of the bridge, 2) boats that need a drawbridge/high bridge to clear and 3) it’s expensive to build said bridge when it would only be utilized on only certain days (i.e. gamedays).

Thus, the only feasible way to get to this spot for a soccer stadium is via car along the 395 or by the (hopefully) future BayLink

7 years ago

The traffic would be a nightmare

7 years ago

And just today Regalado said the FEC slip as a soccer stadium is dead. Me thinks this will be the next proposed site. When is the discussion about the NW 17 Avenue soccer stadium going to begin? This is where it was slated to go, put it there.

7 years ago

Since Baylink is back on the table, maybe a soccer stadium might work here. By the way i agree Musuem Park was not a good choice, leave our parks alone. But this space has long been slated for commercial purposes. As for traffic concerns, the stadium would only be used 25 days out of the year, and Baylink would help alleviate some of that traffic. Only problem is where would people park, I can’t imagine garages holding 20,000 + people.

7 years ago

Why not use Jungle Island’s parking garages? It’s not like they’re ever actually filled…

7 years ago

I see this place well located for a succer stadium, traffic would be a nightmare?, triffic would be a nightmare anywhere is placed, Miami does not have a mass trasportation system to support any event. at least there is the possibility that the baylink woul be build and can connect this place with MB and downtown