Just Ten Condo Units Remain At Brickell Ten, Where Construction Is Underway

Brickell Ten, a 24-story condo project currently under construction, is nearly sold out.

Brokers marketing the project say that just ten units remain to be sold. In total, 155 units are being built.

Crews working on the project recently reached the lanai level, which will feature a 1,600-square-foot pool, BBQ area and social room. Work on the tower will begin next.

The project is being developer by IBcorp Investments of Ecuador and Waterstone Capital of Miami. BC Architects is the architect.


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Work on the tower will begin next.


Yet Another Anonymous

The latest fad is to separate tower from pedestal.


Thanks for pointing that out.


Anyway, I know anonymous’s who comment on this site don’t believe this report. Even if this is not a luxury building, they say condos with no (water?) views won’t sell.



I have to say the view of Brickell and Downtown from this building must be beautiful. Unfortunately, that view may not last long as more development occurs across the street in upcoming years.


This project is great!… But some others are too late for this cycle and are doomed… Like The Edge on Brickell, Flat Iron and Paramount MWC… The first one was ION…


In reality it mostly depends on who the developers are than on cycles.


maybe not so much developers but more pricing, location and quality of building. Developer of this project I don’t believe has done much or anything in Miami. The reason it sold so well is because of what I mentioned. The finishes of this building are probably the best you can find on that street/area as almost all others are affordable housing projects or small worn out apartment complexes. I would guarantee that if 2-3 more of this exact type of project goes up on that street/area they will quickly sellout. Some developers are just becoming too greedy and that’s why they are not selling.


If these projects are doomed it’s not a matter of timing but of the projects themselves. The 3 you mentioned are planned with full walls of glass windows, $100,000 kitchens and designer finishes that aren’t suitable for the lots (obstructed views) they are on. They are targeting the wrong consumers. When I visited the Flatiron Sales Center they wanted $1.7M for a 1400sq ft 2 bedroom on the 54th floor (still obstructed by The Plaza and Panorama). Crazy! People with this kind of money have much better options. These types of ultra luxury buildings would do fine on other waterfront lots like Epic II, Villa Magna, and 444 Brickell. Paramount will still probably get built and sell because of it’s direct link to the mall. The other two I’m not so sure…


ION was doom from the start because of ownership snafu. The Brickell area is actually just now starting to reach it’s true potential. Like I’ve said before “just wait till the dust finally settles in Brickell.” The restaurants, bars, clubs, and theaters have’nt even made their impact on Brickell yet. Getting around in Brickell via the MetroMover without wearing out your feet in the hot sun is a no-brainer when considering buying somewhere else. Views have their cheerleaders, but an area that gives me all this overwhelming convience and also a close airconditioned train ride to a sports arena and museums…now that area gets my money.

FlatIron and The Edge will succeed.