Krystal Tower Resubmitted With Office & Residential In 32 Stories

Overtown’s Krystal Tower site was sold late last year, and the owner has submitted new plans to develop the property.

Krystal Tower 2 will be built above an existing 5-story shell that has been in place for over a decade, when another developer pulled the plug during construction.

The new tower is proposed to rise 32 stories, or 390 feet. It would include:

  • 154 residential units (on floors 20-32)
  • 79,180 square feet of office (floors 10-19)
  • 251 parking spaces (floors 2-8, 30% reduction for TOD)

Charlesville Develeopment Corp representing BH 18 Investments, LLC as the applicant and Krystal Investment Solutions LL, as Owner submitted the application, which is set for review by the Urban Development Review Board at a meeting this month.

Studio Baigorria is the architect.


Former Logik:

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