Lawyer For Beckham Met With Dade County Last Week

Negotiations between Miami Beckham United and Miami-Dade are still continuing, apparently.

On July 6, Richard Bezold, a partner at law firm Akerman, registered as a lobbyist and met with county officials, records show. Bezold’s registration showed that he was representing Miami Beckham United on matters pertaining to the MLS stadium.

Beckham has been in negotiations to buy a Miami-Dade Water and Sewer property across from the stadium site that they acquired earlier this year. In May, emails obtained by the Herald revealed that Beckham’s partners weren’t sure if they wanted to agree to a “community-benefit” package that would include fines for failing to meet local hiring targets.

Since Beckham closed on the main stadium property, it has been vacant. The previous owner used it as a parking lot – a business known for generating cash.


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