Florida Lawmakers Near Compromise To Allow New Miami Casinos

The conservative Florida House is on the verge of a compromise deal with the Senate that would allow for expanded gambling in Miami-Dade, according to floridapolitics.com.

Both the House and Senate have gaming bills in the current legislative session, but the current House bill doesn’t allow for new casinos in Dade or Broward, unlike the Senate version.

Several recent and pending court decisions could be about to open the door for a major expansion of gambling in the state even if no legislative action is taken, and the House now sees passing a bill as “lesser of various evils,”  according to a gaming industry source cited by the website.

One of the recent court decisions allows for Magic City Casino to open a card room in downtown Miami. Another pending decision could mean slot machines at the Fontainebleau hotel.

At a Conference Committee on Gaming, Senate leaders offered to revise their bill to allow for two new casinos in Miami-Dade, instead of one in Dade and one in Broward. A previous version required them to be split between the two counties, but the Seminole Tribe has been strongly opposed to a competing casino in Broward.