Lincoln Road Proposal Would Juxtapose Modern With Historic

Terranova is proposing to partially demolish a building at 801-821 Lincoln Road and build a new 3-story retail structure.

The building is best known as being the location for David’s Cafe, which opened there in 1993 and closed in 2012. A Cuban restaurant is currently operating in the space proposed to be demolished, while Dylan’s Candy Bar (formerly Ghirardelli’s) is on the Lincoln Road side.

Total FAR for the building will increase from 21,115 SF to 39,648 SF. It will also include a rooftop terrace.

According to architect Allan Shulman:

The proposed project comprises the restoration/reconstruction of historic facades, and a new three-story structure stretching from Meridian Avenue to Lincoln Lane North. The restoration work will reconstruct the original appearance of the building when it was completed in 1929 as the Lincoln Metropolitan Salon (and other shops). The restoration includes the original taller windows and decorative stone work. The new structure will step back from Meridian Avenue on the second floor, and from Lincoln Lane at the third floor. It includes substantial glass walls toward the north.

Miami Beach’s Historic Preservation Board will review the plans next month.