Local Funding For Downtown Miami Tri-Rail Could Be Finalized Tonight

Southeast Overtown/Park West Community Redevelopment Agency board members are scheduled to vote today on $17.5 million in funding that would be paid to All Aboard Florida in return for building a Tri-Rail platform at the MiamiCentral project.

If approved, it could be the last piece of local funding needed for the station. Construction is already underway.

City of Miami officials voted last week to approve $8 million in funding for the project, while Dade County approved $13.9 million in funding last month. The Omni CRA has already voted in favor of funding the project. Tri-Rail also has a soft commitment from State of Florida officials for $20 million in funding, which would combine for $69 million that All Aboard Florida needs.

The new station could eventually serve as the terminus for a Tri-Rail service that would operate on the FEC tracks, which runs through some of the most densely populated areas in the region. In the short term though, it would save six minutes off the 24 minutes it takes to get from 79th street to downtown, and allow a one seat ride to downtown without a connection to Metrorail.

As part of the deal, the CRA will get benefits that include hiring guarantees and a low cost lease of space at the project.